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 She's cold💧, he's rude 😡


             Episode Twenty one

        Derek's POV 

I rushed into my father's office not minding the visitors in there 
  I sat down and kept my two legs crossed on the table 

    "Hey dad! I need some money "I said nonchalantly and everyone inside the office gasped 
   "Derek can you please get out for a while 
  I have visitors "he replied calmly to me and I fumed angrily 
  "Dad! "

"Get the hell out! Lost your manners at last? "He raised his voice a bit at me which me made me to go out and wait in his reception room 

    I brought out my phone and began to go through it when I saw a fast growing news about Audrey a college student 

That's my own Audrey, I thought scrolling down the more to read up

   What the fuvk! This ain't true, I read the more and the details became clearer 
   I scoffed, that's not bad atleast the government didn't forbid gay 

But... She's from a rich home, I have seen Mr. Duke before 
  Wow! Why doesn't she want her dad to help out with her mom's surgery if they're rich? 

   Oh.. She's a bastard! She's a fuvking bastard of Mr. Duke which my dad always talked about? 
   Oh my! 

   I barged in on my dad again and announced my leave to him 
  He hissed at me which I didn't get before I left driving home

  She wasn't home yet, can't wait to taunt her with her status and her strange gender difference too

      Junior's POV 

   "Do you mean what you're saying? "My dad asked after I had made the news go viral on air
  He shivered slumping back to his chair, another stain on his reputation.

She stormed in to the house too advancing towards me
  She didn't waste time giving me striking slap on my cheek in the presence of my mom, dad and my little brother who was also there 

  She slapped me again and I looked at her with a dazing glare on my face 
   "Why did you do that?? "She yelled ignoring everyone in the room
    "Are you not gay? "I queried her and another slap came to my cheek which got my mom standing and rushing towards her 
  "How dare you! "Mom ranted but she was done already 

  She turned her back on all of us and left the house, she didn't even betray any emotion, she just fuvking left after hitting my face! 


              Derek's POV 

I waited on end for her to get home until it was almost eight 
  I was scared of sleeping alone in this whole house again and secondly I was a bit worried about her whereabout 

  I didn't even check her out to know how she is, or how she took the news coming from the press

   I waited and waited but she was no where near coming home, did she get fed up of me
   I don't even know her number I would've called and give her a few threats that her mom is still in the hospital but I don't have her number 


  I checked the time again, it was eight thirty 
  Damn! Everywhere became too fearful for me to stay alone so I went out of the house.

I trudged slowly along the less busy rich streets when I spotted someone dangling or rather staggering from one place to another with her bag in her hand 

   I knew it was her and she's drunk! 
  I scoffed and then smirked 
Why would she drink? 

  I rushed to her and helped her out with her bag with my other hand holding onto her waist incase she falls down 

   "Oh! Derek the most rudest guy I've ever seen"she mumbled slapping my face slightly and laughing as she did so

    "Hey stop that "I pushed her hands off my face gripping her tightly until we came into the houze 

   "Oh my God! Derek! Why arent you nagging my head off today? Huh? Nag! Disturb my head with your noise 
  I want to hear you speak! "She yelled resting herself on one of the couches 

   I smirked sitting down beside her cuz I was afraid to be on my own 
    "Audrey, why did you drink so much? "
   "How is it your business? "

   "I had to cool off my head, you're acting as if you didn't see the news today"she sobered scratching her head getting close to me
   "Derek! Come closer!! "She said drawing closer to herself thinking that she wanted to kiss me or something when something else happened

  She puked! She puked on me!!! 


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