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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


                 Episode Twenty 

           Audrey's POV 

I didn't argue anymore with him, I will pull off the clothe for him but I will make sure I revenge this later 

   I didn't even iron again neither did I make food for him, he can die for all I care 
  I went into my room, changed into my stinky clothes and then left the house before he could 

  I was angry, I needed to get home first, pack my clothes change into something nice and then go see my mom in the hospital before I went for classes 

   My morning part time jobs should be on the wait for a while, even the evening ones should be on hold too for ten days

  I reached home, had a fresh bath changed into some nice clothes before I began to pack my clothes that will last me for ten days in that jerks house 

I heaved after am done, I was tired, so tired
   I work everyday but get to know where in the end 
  I sighed before pulled in to her phone 

 I checked the caller to be Annie 
  📲What is it?

📲Your brother have been following me around saying that he loves me 
She reported and I smirked 

📲Date him if you want to
She scowled
📲you know I can't love men but women
 And my heart beats for only you 
She reminded me

 I heaved getting mire frustrated 
📲I can't love a girl either
She was silent for a while 
📲I will wait a long long time for you to love me back 
Am not complaining 

I replied coldly, If I tell her not to wait, she won't heed my advice and will come clinging and clinging never wanting to go away 

  She's just like that and I won't get into another arguement, i have stuffs on my head to take care of first.

She called my name
📲I love you
I heaved at those words 
📲I really do and I will always love you 
I closed my eyes briefly wanting not to say something hurting to her 
📲That's good
📲Tell your brother to stop bugging me
📲I won't tell him so 
She sobered for me 
I didn't want another argue ment with her so I hung up
  This isn't right at all

   I zipped up my bag ready to move anytime soon, I left the house with my bag, boarded a taxi and went to my mom's hospital 

  Hours later, 

          Junior's POV

 She stood infront of me staring and staring
   Since I professed my love to her, she haven't thought of giving me a reply so I kept on pestering her until now 

I want to hear what she's got to say to me
   "Talk "I urged her and she cleared her throat briefly 
  "Look Junior, I don't like you"
"Why? "
  "Cuz you're not a good person"
  "I want to become one for you alone... I know its because of my sister but I will be good to her
   She can do anything she wants I don't care but just stay with me"I said sincerely to her.

"I don't love you still "
 "Why? "
"Cuz my heart belongs to another "
  "Annie... "
 "You might not know this but I'm not into men, they don't trigger me off or make me have feelings for them"

  My heart broke 
 "What do you mean? "
  "What I mean is, I'm so much in love with Audrey, she stole my heart away "

  Damn! I recalled the first time I met her clinging to Audrey 
  So Audrey is a... What the fuvk! 

    "Well... "
"No well Junior"
"Does she know you love her? "
   She nodded her head
  "I tell it to her everyday and I will always tell her that till I die"

  Oh my! Audrey is really a gay! That's why she's so cold and reserved all the time


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