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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


                 Episode Seventeen

             Audrey's POV  

I almost gave a loud shout seeing him fall on my bed like a baby
  I was amused, shy, wanting to throw up into a huge laughter and embarassed too but I held myself from doing all that 

  So the mighty rude guy has a weakness which is night, oh my bad! 
   Now he acts and behaves like a saint while at daytime he's such a rude nasty pig! 

   Time to taunt him too 
  "Ahhhhh"I feigned yelling in utmost fear and he jerked out of my bed really scared 
    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"he shouted louder than me hovering around me for protection 
   I held tightly to my towel incase it loosened cuz I don't trust him anymore 
   "Hey stop this and go to your room! "I nagged and he shook his head like a scaredy cat staring at its mother 

    I held in my laughter glaring at him
    "I can't sleep alone "
  "Why? Nothing is in your room"
He kept quiet counting his fingers like a baby 
    "Why did I make you my maid in the first place "he mumbled
   "And what are the works of maids if you've suddenly forgotten Derek!? "

    "Why are you so inhumane? "He scowled and I scoffed 
  Who's being inhumane, I or him who keep on hurling out orders as if I were a slave or someone who will never rest until he avenged for simple mistake which she did or him who keeps on insulting her unend?.

So who's the bad guy here? I or him? 
   I wanted to tell him all these but I kept them in pushing him out of my room
   "Please.... "He pleaded inuadibly that I could barely hear that
 I smirked, so he knows how to say Please to people? Well, I think nights is a way or punishing this arrogant fool for all his bad manners 

    I will learn to curb him every night for the next ten days am staying with him
   "I didn't hear that "I said to him and he gazed down to the floor.

He pouted his lips before he uttered
   "I'm sorry huh, just tonight won't hurt"he said rushing to my bed and landing ontop of it again sleeping off

  I wanted to fight him off my bed but I remembered that I wasn't wearing any clothe and my towel might loose up embarrassing me so I let him be

   I changed into my clothes since I didn't bring another one, it stinks but I gotta manage till tomorrow tho

    An idea popped into my head on how to taunt him once again 
    I picked up one of the numerous pillows and then went to the living room

I lay on one of the sofas sighing and closing my eyes to sleep when he suddenly busted out of the room

   I jerked up
  "What's wrong? "
  "Why did you leave me in there alone? Huh!! "He yelled

  I wanted to play the man now, but it seemed useless cuz he carried me in his arms amidst my faint struggles taking me back into the room
   We both landed on the bed and mu anxiety grew, is he really faking this or taking advantage of me
   He put his arm across my stomach maybe to know when I will leave the bed again before he closed his eyes too to sleep... 


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