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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


            Episode Sixteen 

            Derek's POV 

My heart thumped a bit when she landed into me
   My eyes glided into hers as we stared at each other 

    After what seemed like minutes, she pushed herself off me
    "Why did you do that! "She half yelled and I was still lost for words 
   What just happened? Why did my heart beat for her just now? 

    She rolled her eyes at me before dissapearing into the dining table 
   I recovered from that shock twenty minutes later, 

   And I knew I have to taunt her again one more time
  I intentionally kicked my food away to the floor
     "Oh my gosh! Look Audrey! Here looks a mess!! "I yelled to her hearing and she ignored me

    I glanced at her but she was still not getting up or even acting as if I was here
     "Audrey! Come and clean this damn dirt! "I ordered rudely and she didn't even look at me or even bare a word to me

    She just stood up from the dining chair, went into get something and was back in minutes with a mob and some water which was inside a bucket 

      She came over to my side and then cleared everything up
   I clearedy throat so happy that I was stressing her about 
   "Get me another food please, I'm hungry but not these one
   I need to eat pizza"

  "I can't make that"she said coldly and I chuckled 
   Another punishment for her, I flared up in anger 
    "You can't make what! I don't care to know just make my food available in thirty minutes time!! "
I ordered again rudely and she scoffed

     "That's why I said that all Derek's are a$$holes!! "She said to my hearing and I almost hit her mouth for her.

"Why would you say that? "I asked her and she scoffed making her way to the kitchen but I stopped her by holding her arm pushing her to a nearby wall
     "What did you just call me? An a**hole? "
She didn't seem moved by what I did so I got an inch closer to her till my body was almost gummed to hers
    She showed a sense of panic on her face when she saw my lustful move towards her 

     "Leave me alone"she whimpered and I pushed her away laughing 
  "Call me an a**hole next time and I will do what a**holes do"I warned going back to the movie I was watching 

She stood there for a long time before she left for the kitchen, I bet she was touched by my move towards her
   Time to sleep, 

   I came into my room and fright won't let me rest my head on a pillow and sleep 
   Vague memories of nothing filled my head getting me scared the more I thought about it 

   I couldn't think at all, this is what I passed through yesterday and its staring back at me again even though I had some one to stay with me

     I opened my eyes for the umpteenth time after closing them staring at everything inside my room with total horror

    I crept out of my room rushing towards Audrey's 
   I didn't knock on her door, I just barged and I was thrown off balance at what I saw

   Her bare back stood out as she applied cream on her skin carefully, she was still unaware of my presence in the room so I had more time to look at her bareback covered lowly by a gigantic white towel

   I looked away turning to go and that's when she felt my presence in her room
  "Ahhhhh"she shouted covering her shoulders with her hands 

   I shouted too thinking it was another horror shouting to my face.

"What are you doing here you pervert! "She nagged angrily and I was too scared to utter a word 
  She will win me this time cuz I needed to sleep and wanted someone to stay with me

     "Get the hell out now! "She pointed to the exit and I sobered 

   "Please let me sleep here, am so scared to be in my room alone "
With that I jumped into the bed and covering myslef with a duvet... 


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