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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


                 Episode Fifteen

             Audrey's POV 

I almost slapped him when I heard him speak of dad instead of my mom
   When did I tell him that my father needed a surgery? 
  Is he always a dumb type? 

  I swallowed my words carefully as far he was going to get surgery for my mom, I won't complain even for a little 

    I sighed resigning to whatever fate that awaits me
   "Where's my room? "
  I asked and he gave me that usual scoff of his

    "The maid quarters of course, were you thinking of getting a proper room befit for guys like me? "
Is he such a noisemaker all the time? 
    "The maid's quarters? Where is it? "I asked ignoring his useless insult from earlier 

    "Well, find the room yourself, that's why you're a maid"he snapped trying to go away
  I held his arm pulling him back

   "Are you crazy? "I asked him and he scoffed again
   "Do I look crazy to you? "
"Well Ofcuz, I think you're and needs urgent medical attention before it gets out of hand"

   "Watch the way you talk to me else I will back out if these"
  He threatened, I know why he said that cuz he thought he's my only hope of getting my mom a surgery.

Well, he got it all wrong cuz I already know why he was so desperate for me to stay in his house 
    "Don't try scaring me with that Mr. No name cuz I won't care if you back now! 
   I bet who will stay with you to ward off those childish fears of yours "I snapped back at him and he was shut for a minute before getting a reply for my words 

    "Look Audrey or whatever you said your name was... Here is... "He dragged her by the arm till he reached a door, he opened it 
   "... Your room"he finished up his sentence
   She pulled her hand forcefully away from his
    "Don't hold me again like this "I said before hissing at him
  "You should be glad I held your short hand "he insulted and I rolled my eyes at him
    "Hey! "He called when I came into the room with dinner which I cooked few minutes ago
  I'm so damn hungry that I won't wait any longer to eat some good meal.

"I'm calling you! "He yelled from the living room at where he sat watching a movie on TV 

    "What's your name? "I suddenly asked and he began to laugh
   He laughed at length at me before he replied 
    "Whoa! Now you want to know my name? Are you liking me already? "

   "What's your name? "I repeated ignoring his talkativeness
   "Well I'm called Derek"

I scoffed 
    "I for say"I mouthed and he glared at me hoping for more words which will elaborate that I FOR SAY which I just said
  "Meaning? "

   "That all Derek's are a$$holes"I cut out and I saw the sudden change of expression on his face
   "What! "

   "What did you say is your name? "He asked me and I scoffed dumping his food on the table before him

    "Sort that out yourself "
He fumed and he put his leg on the way for me causing me to fall, but I didn't let that slide, I intentionally let myself fall into his arms


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