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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 32🎀

Prince Harry's POV cont'd 🎀

‘Did you think I wouldn't find out?!! That you sent Naomi away just because of some explanation I'm hoping to get!!'..I yelled at the top of my voice as I kicked the door of father's library open.

‘What is wrong with you??'..He asked as he closed the book he was reading..

‘Of all the things you could do I never imagined you'd stoop so low to do something like that'..I snarled and he scoffed loudly..

‘You left your royal duties so you could spend a week with that pauper??'..

‘She's not a pauper she's a dignified wedding planner!!'..

‘Wedding planner?!! Oh please you have to be smarter than that you idiot Harry! Your wedding is the first big wedding she's planning'..He said..

‘Who cares?!! Who cares?!'..I yelled and walked out of the room angrily only for me to bump into Elizabeth..

‘What's going—

‘Get out of my way!!'..

Naomi's POV 🎀

‘Hey Nana'..I yanwed as I opened the door to the cottage house which was in West Virginia...

‘Well,well,well my prodigal grand daughter has returned'..My grandma said over at her rocking chair and I couldn't help but laugh..

‘You still sit on this old thing??'..

‘Yes of course,you know I'm not one for all those technology stuff'..She shrugged and I kissed her cheek..

‘What you need is a good interior—

‘Oh no you don't! Don't come in here with your planning attitude Naomi, there's Lasagna in the kitchen help yourself'..She cut in and I smiled..

‘Actually I was thinking of taking you out to dinner at Melby's,I really need his chicken right now'...I said and she smiled..

‘Running away from your prince charming aren't you??'..


‘Jacob called and told me everything, so sit and let's talk'..

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