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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 24🎀

Prince Harry's POV 🎀

‘You have to be out of your mind Harrison!! Do you know what your father would do if he heard you saying this?!!'..Mother panicked and i sighed deeply..

I knew she was going to overreact in this way..

Maybe I should've just kept to myself..

‘Look Mo—

‘No Harrison!! You can't just decide to cancel the wedding?? You haven't had enough time to know Elizabeth very well and I know she's a charming young woman'..She said in a rasp tone..

‘Charming? Yes I know she is,nice?? No she isn't mother,she talks to the maids anyhow,she doesn't respect me,she treats Naomi like—

‘The wedding planner isn't it?? Is this what it's all about?? The wedding planner?'..

‘No you're just overreacting it has nothing to do with her,you know me very well as someone who takes my duties very seriously mother'..

‘Yes I know Harrison and it is your duty to keep the Royal line in check and the only way you can do that is to marry Princess Elizabeth!! THAT IS YOUR DAMMED DUTY!!'..She yelled and angrily walked away..

Sometimes I just wish I could leave this place and be like a normal man...

Or maybe i could??..

‘Summon Miss Naomi James,tell her it's important'...

Naomi's POV 🎀

Hours Later ♥️
‘You called for me your—

‘Why are you avoiding me Naomi?'.. Prince Harry asked as he adjusted his cufflinks and I couldn't help but gulp hard.

‘I...I beg your—

‘You know pretty well what I'm talking about Miss Naomi Culligan,you have been avoiding you but not to worry I don't really blame you doing so anyway'...He cut in with a smirk at the corner of his lips..

Control Naomi..

Set boundaries or else you're going to fall into this unconscious trap..

‘What did you summon me for your highness??'..I asked folding my arms..

‘Well I need your help with something very urgent and you're the only person I can trust'..He replied and my brows arched..

‘What is it??'..

‘What does a normal day feel like in New York??'..He asked..

‘Hmmm well for me it's beautiful in an abstract sort of way,waking up angrily by the alarm clock,making coffee and changing into my jogging clothes,taking a short run around my block and getting back...watching the men by the roadside argue about—

‘I want you to take me to New York Naomi,I want to live like a normal person for two days'..


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