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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 23🎀

Prince Harry's POV 🎀

Two Days Later ♥️
Two days gone and Naomi wouldn't even look at my face or even talk to me as usual..

It's just like she's been avoiding me and I can't help but understand why??.

‘Are you okay son??'..Mother asked as she sat next to me on the garden bench..

‘Yes I am fine mother'..I replied..

‘You don't look okay Harrison now tell me what is really bothering you'..She asked again and i relented a little bit..

‘Everything is going so fast mother,like in a few weeks I'll be married and—

‘Might I recall that few days ago you wanted the wedding to get over with and now you think everything is going too fast?? Tell me what's really wrong'..She chuckled and i had to glance forth and back so as to confirm that no one else was watching...

‘Okay the truth is that I'm not really liking Princess Elizabeth'..i finally admitted and her brows perked up..

‘What do you mean??'..

‘This might sound crazy and out of bounds mother but you have to listen to me'..

Naomi's POV 🎀

📱:I want the flowers flown from Milan is that okay with you Ken?'..

📲:Yeah it's okay with me,Jacob called and from the looks of it seems like the both of you are having sibling troubles again??'..

📱:He is your brother after all isn't he?? I just don't like him in my business that's all and you pretty much know that'...

📲:He is your brother you stubborn piece of woman,that's what brothers do—They look after their little sisters!'..

📱:Well I am not little and I am not a kid anymore okay??'..

📲: No one tagged you as a kid Naomi you're always the one calling yourself that because you think we treat you like one! Jacob cares for you more than anything and you know that'..

📱:Ughh okay fine I'll give him another chance'..

📲:Good now that that chapter's over let's talk about why you're avoiding the prince'..

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