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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 22 🎀

Prince Harry's POV cont'd 🎀

I placed my hands gently on Miss Naomi's waist trying to be as civil and gentlemanly as possible but my rising blood wouldn't let me stay steady..

‘This feels.... nice'.. I managed to say and she smiled warmly at me..

‘Yeah I know it is pretty much nice and you're a good dancer too'..She said and I glanced over at father who had a disgusted look on his face..

‘I think uhh we should stop dancing..n...not that I did not enjoy it but uh—

‘Ohh I totally understand you don't have to really bother yourself' .

Naomi's POV 🎀

‘What the f**k are you doing sis??'..Jacob asked as I grabbed some fruit punch from the buffet table..

‘I don't understand'..I replied taking a sip and he dragged me to a corner where no one could see us..

‘What is wrong with you?? First you and the prince go on walks and now you're both dancing?? Do you know what this means??'..

‘What does it mean exactly?! it's just a f**king dance nothing else Ughh!!'..I groaned and he snickered..

‘The King looks at you with contempt! The princess is filled with envy and yet you still ask why she doesn't like you?!!'..

‘You exaggerate things too much Ja—

‘Look I know you think I'm stupid and all but I'm saying the goddamn truth and you know it pretty well!! You're in love with the Prince aren't you??'..

‘Shut up!'..

‘So I ain't lying huh?'.

‘Shut up Jacob!!'..

‘Stop raising your voice at me and stay away from—

‘Shut up Jacob and I won't have this convo again! I am not in love with the Prince we're just friends and if you don't want to believe it then f**k you!'.

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