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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 20🎀

Naomi's POV 🎀

The Next Morning 🌥
‘Okay everyone chop chop this engagement party won't plan itself!!'..I clapped my hands at my crew who began carrying decorations for Prince Harry's engagement party into the house..

According to the princess she wanted a red theme and a red theme is what she'll get..

Oh boy I can't wait to rub this in Meri's face when I get back to New York to finally prove to bed that the Culligan blood still runs through my veins..

‘This is....Hmmm'.. someone said from behind me and when I turned around it was Princess Elizabeth..

‘Ohh Good morning your highness i—

‘Spare me the chit chat young lady I'm just here to supervise'..She rudely cut me off and I frowned deeply..

‘Uhhh but I'm the wedding planner'..

‘Yes and i am the bride'..

Prince Harry's POV 🎀

‘Okay what the hell is going on!!'..Naomi yelled as she barged into my study room with irritated me cause I was busy..

‘Tone Naomi,what is it??'..I asked crossing my arms and she scoffed..

‘Your bride or should I say wife to be sent me away and is busy telling my crew what to do!! And it's all wrong cause she hasn't seen the board yet!'..

‘What?! Elizabeth would never do that??'..

‘Well sorry to burst your bubble prince Harry but that's what she's doing right now!!!'..

Minutes Later ♥️
‘Elizabeth what are you doing??'..I asked as i walked up to my fiancee and she smiled..

‘I am planning my own engagement party as you can see I don't like the way it's going'..

‘That is Naomi's Job to-do here Elizabeth what agenda do you even have against her??'.

‘Are you picking her side over mine here??'..

‘I am not even picking anyone's side here okay?!! You're clearly not listening when I say that Naomi is just a wedding planner and you have to let her do her job!!'..

‘Are you raising your voice at me Prince Harry??'..She asked and i couldn't help but boil the more.

‘Look Naomi is just a good helper okay?? Without her I wouldn't even be able to talk to you like I have!! Maybe you're Jealous or something else who knows but please just let the wedding planner do her job and you also do yours by getting pretty for the party!!! Gosh!!'..

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