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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 18🎀

Jacob's POV 🎀

‘Okay so why don't you tell me what's really going on between you and Prince Charming??'..I muttered as I sat next to my sister who was busy dealing with a fabric salesman..

‘What do you mean??'..She asked back not glancing my way..

‘Well what I mean is that you are getting pretty booed'up with Harrison Joe'..He said calling the prince names again and I shook my head..

Jacob always has that flair for giving people names and most times it can be very offensive.

‘I am not getting booed'up with anyone Jacob we are just exchanging tips on different aspects of everything'..I said and he snickered loudly..

‘Yeah right'..

‘I'm serious Jacob and I hate it when you're being sarcastic!'..

‘I am not being sarcastic little sis I'm just stating facts here and also here to tell you to be focused and keep your head in the game.. You're here to plan a wedding and not relationship counseling'..He fired and I balled my fists..

Control Naomi..

Control Naomi Culligan....

He's just trying to get under your skin like he's always done when you were all kids so please just control yourself Naomi..

Prince Harry's POV 🎀

‘So what exactly do you do for fun in your kingdom??'..I asked Princess Elizabeth who was busy trimming flowers or something..

‘Ohh well reading poems,taking ballet classes and also reading'..She replied..

‘Hmmm poetry huh??'..I smirked..

‘Yes,do you love it?'..She asked and I shook my head..

‘Nah I'm not really into poetry but I love hearing it though,maybe one day you'll read one to me and our children'..The words just slipped right out of my mouth..

‘Children?? I like the sound of that—Children'..She smiled and slid her arms under mine..

‘So what about you??'..She added..


‘Yes you,what do you with your spare time?'..

‘Ohh no I don't really have a hobby of doing anything,I'm always traveling around the globe to attend to royal business but I love art anyways'..I replied...

I don't know why I'm trying so hard for this conversation to turn out this way..

It's not like it's bad but it's just too basic..

Is it unfortunate that I feel much more comfortable and open around Naomi more than my own wife to be??..

‘Well you certainly don't keep your promises Prince Harry'..She said and my ears tingled..

‘What do you mean??'..

‘The wedding planner,you're getting close to her and I don't like that at all'..

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