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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 17🎀

Naomi's POV 🎀

The Next Morning 🌥
‘Oh my God James what is it??'..I yawned loudly as James woke me up from a very satisfying slumber..

‘Pardon my manners Miss Naomi but his highness would love to see you in the high gardens'..He replied and i nodded..

What does Prince charming want at this time of the morning??..

I am never and will never be a morning person..

‘Okay I'll be right there'..I said and he bowed,and left..

Few minutes later ♥️
‘What do you want your highness??'..I asked in a drawl as I sat next to Prince Harry and grabbed a scone..

‘Well you are cranky this morning I presume??'..He replied sipping his cup of tea and I nodded..

‘Yeah I'm not a morning person at all'.

‘Hmmm well I won't apologize for waking you up I just want you to see this'..He said and handed something like a catalogue over to me..

My brows perked up as I opened it only for me to see pictures of former Victorian weddings and engagement parties..

‘Oh my God this is...this is..

‘Amazing??'..He asked..

‘No this is more than amazing it's spectacular!! From Princess Diana to just... Everything!!'..I said excitedly and he smiled warmly..

‘This book contains everything you need to know about former royal weddings but I can't seem to find a book on how to make a woman fall in love with me'..He said and then it was my turn to smile warmly like there were butterflies in my belly...

‘Well I thought you just wanted to get along with her and not—

‘No you don't understand,I believe in love marriages and not arranged ones to be very honest with you I want to fall in love with her'..He interrupted me..

‘Well that's the thing Prince Harry,you don't learn to fall in love with someone you learn to love that someone'..

Princess Elizabeth's POV 🎀

‘He is busy reviewing some things with the wedding planner your highness'..Cleo,my royal assistant whispered into my ears and I frowned deeply..

‘For how long exactly??'..

‘Well I'll say two hours'..She replied..

‘I don't like her Cleo and I don't trust her so what do you suggest we do about her??'..I asked..

‘Well I'll say we should sabotage her your highness and get her kicked out'..She said and I smiled..

‘I like the way you think'..

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