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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 



          Writer's POV

  Time passed and Ethan still took over the world 
  Everything wasn't good

All he wanted was to reunite with what he wanted most

That thing to get back to him as she used by his side many years ago

And now, what he searched for is after his own head, wanting to end his life for being so harsh to people

   It made me more deadly and powerful
  No one was sure of getting a way into heaven because he almost took every single soul away from GOD

  One day, he was in the his chambers eating when he heard the clashes of knives outside and he became so apprehensive 

  He came out of his chambers and what his eyes met was GRACHI

   She was all grown up now and looked more beautiful than the last time he saw her 

They were both surprised to see each other again

   "I know who designed us Ethan and I got rid of him" she said and then pulled out her sword which was stained with blood of those she killed minutes ago

  He couldn't hide the shock and happiness in his eyes after meeting her again even if it was for a last time.

"Why? Ethan? How could you let destiny swerve... "

He kissed her on her lips before he hugged her

   She was surprised at that 

She wasn't expecting this to happen 
  She just drew her knife to kill her own heart and he's hugging her

  She hugged him back and soon he felt him sobbing on his shoulders 

 "I missed you Grachi, how many years did I wait for you, how many nights too"

He sighed rubbing his hands all over her back

  She melted 

She can't kill this mam or would she allow anyone harm him 

She's someone she loves even if he's a devil or not

No one can change the fact that she loves him

And have always did 

   He cupped her face

"Have you been eating well? Are they treating you fine over there? Huh?? "

"Why did you kill my dad? "

"Because he killed my father "

She was taken aback by what he said

    "An angel killed a dark angel? "
She suddenly beamed

   "That means we can get married then Ethan 

    After all an angel killed a devil meaning an angel can still marry a devil" she said chuckling and hugging him all over again 

    She threw her sword away 

   He brushed her hair with his fingers and she kept on smiling into his face...

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