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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 




  I turned back when my dad said and pointed at my back

Ethan was there


   "Ethan! "I hugged him 

"I missed you "I said and he nodded his head as his gaze was only focused on my father 

"He's your father right? "
He asked and I nodded 

"Oh... "He mouthed and pushed me aside away from him

  He went close to my father 

"Don't step close you devil"he said stepping closer to his wife until he had fully covered her with his own self standing infront of her

   Ethan scoffed

"I'm ashamed you're Grachi's father! Why did you do that?!! "He yelled and the whole place turned dark immediately 

   "Why? "
He asked again and I hit scared

What did he do? 

Which score are they settling? 

 What's wrong with the both of them all of a sudden 

   I went close to Ethan and trued pulling him to me but he pushed my hands away giving me a shock 

Ethan will never do that since I knew him

   Even when I followed him into the forest, he never did that So why all of a sudden

I recalled what he told me when i came  to hell, he threw Sheila into the lake of fire because she made him do things he didn't want to do

  Fear gripped immediately 

What if this man already made him do what he didn't want to do? 

   "Ethan! Listen "I yelled his name pulling him by his cloth but he didn't bulge

  "Ethan! "

"Leave me alone! "He said and pushed me off him and then held the man up by his throat and I became scared

He might kill this man

   My-supposed-to-be-mom had already started crying seeing  that happening 

   "Run"he mumbled to me when our eyes met as Ethan choked him

 But I was stop dazed to move

I wanted to know if he could really do that
I wanted to be sure if he could bring his hand to really kill that man

Many years later, 

  "And he did kill him! He did Josiah 
   He snubbed me and killed my own father and now my heart aches a lot because I still do love him " I wept 

 He patted my back 

  "You still have to do it and you know "

"Ethan didn't wish to be bad and I know it"

"The world is suffering " he sighed "What happened after that? Did you leave him that instant "

I nodded 

"Why won't I leave? Someone who killed someone in my very eyes neglecting the love I have for him is really inhumane"

"You shouldn't have left too"

"Did you find out what made him come after your father? "he asked again and I shook my head

I didn't care to find out

It was clearly an evil soul killing a clean one just like the marks he always explained to me.


   "Go into the world and draw souls for my father! "

I said to the new evil kids I invented with my own hands

That's the only way my father's soul will rest well in the Derim Pit of the royals borns 

  I closed my eyes and muttered and incantation and before I opened them, they had disappeared 

  "Guard! "
I beckoned 

He came forward 

"Get me my fortune teller I need to check something again from his hands"

"My lord, he said that I should inform you when necessary that the angel you seek for is after your own life "

I grinned and gave a wicked smirk

"Come here! "I said to him and he got closer

I squeezed his neck till his neck was bent

"How dare you talk to your madre like that 
To the lake of fire! "I commanded... 


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