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 👹The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 




   Its a blood! 

But the blood is different, a green blood

   "How did you get this on you? "
I asked and he stood up nervously 

   He beckoned to his wife

"We all have to leave now! We have to go"he said nervously running about and parking our bags

  What is happening? 

   "What did you do? "His wife asked and I affirmed with her. 

What did he do

He killed someone, I forbid myself to believe that because he's an angel and angel don't kill people.

But the way he acts makes me suspect that he did more than that 

    "Prepare! "
He shouted to me

"I'm not going away, I have someone to be so close to"

"But do you believe that am your father? "

   I nodded slowly

He's my father afterall even though I never wished to meet them like this

  "You're my father I believe that but I am not coming with you "

"Because of him? "He queried referring to Ethan and I nodded

"I will find him, he's in trouble, he did something bad and he needs me to be by his side else he will turn worse"I said trying to convince him on why I'm trying to stay but he was scared

  "You know, I shouldn't have thought about coming to earth, it was such a bad idea

And I even came here to find my lost daughter and I found her a bit late 

He isn't good for you Grachi"

"Call me Cinderella "

"Okay anyone, let's just go"

"Listen to your father "


"I think there will be a war soon... "

"Why do you think so? "

"An angel infiltrated hell and attacked the devil"

"What!! "

"Yes sire, but Ethan is trying all he could to fish him out

He knows that its Grachi's father  who did that and I'm afraid Grachi will never watch him kill her own dad in his very eyes 

So its bad news"

"And a goodnews too, I wanted it to happen that way else The Lord wont seek me out so we settle out scores else HIS own world will crumble before his very eyes

A good start was an angel going into hell


Is that one an angel? I don't think so....


I exit the palace and came back to the human world

I breathed hard 

  I was still angry that someone not only someone but an angel came to hurt my dad

Is that how angels could be cruel? 

  I don't like that then one bit 

  I teleported myself to where Grachi might be and I saw her inside a house and talking to two beings 

    "Well, he's here already"the man said pointing at me and then Grachi turned to look at me and when our eyes met 

She pulled me into a hug and that was when I felt my heart melt a little bit but it didn't last anyways.... 


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