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 👹The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son... So I fell in love with him) 




   "Father its me" I tapped him and he blinked his eyes twice and then brought his hands to my face 

He called me and it got me more confused 

   "Who is Betty? "

  "Betty"he called me again

   I sighed and then gave up asking him a question.


   Betty is staring at me looking as pitiful as ever
  She's caressing my skin and telling all was going to be fine 

  "Who hit you? "She asked and I hesitated before saying a word

"An angel from nowhere, he's as powerful as me I think so he stabbed me"

"I think he's from heaven "

"Heaven? "

  "How was he like? "

"I can't say "I replied weakly and she patted my hair and then dressed my legs properly on the bed

   "I'm sorry Betty "I apologized again 

  She smiled 

"The angel, was he like one? "

"Yes he was clothed like an angel bur his scent was like that of a girl I think Ethan is interested in 

   Ethan used to call her Grachi"

"He smelled like her? "

I nodded....


  The angel had Grachi's scent meaning Grachi's father was here

But why is he after my own father? 
  I boiled in rage

  I thought he's an angel so why hurt people 

   I grinned that I didn't know when I left the room still fuming.



   I left my bed and walked into the living room yawning 

    I met him in the living room busy doing what only him could understand

   "Hey! "He cooed as she saw me sit beside him

"Hello"I replied inspecting him

His skin was somehow shivering seeing me grazing my gaze into his skin

    "What? "He asked nervously and I shook my head when my eyes caught a thick green dot on his ear area

  "What is this? "

 I said picking it out with my first finger and it stuck there 

  "What? "He asked and I showed it to him

"This"I said and he frowned seeing it

   He's acting strange 

I smelled it as I brought it closer to my nose 

  It's blood 

Green blood

How did it get there and on his ear

  Maybe he killed someone 


More of it?? 

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