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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son... So I fell in love with him) 




I feel guilty around her and I just don't know why

But at the same time I feel fulfilled for getting off that anger and pain in my chest

  "Tell me the truth, what happened to you? "

I began mumbling inaudible words as her gaze was fixed to me to say something reasonable

What would I tell her and it would feel right.

I cleared mu throat and gave her a quick stare
   "Nothing happened "I shrugged but I knew she would press me further to speak up

  So I gathered up the words am gonna say in my mind
  "Okay, I did something bad with Sheila so I... "

"Something bad like what? "

"Uhm... "I grew nervous, what would her reaction be like? 

She will go wild and might even stop loving me

   "S--E---X"I spelt out and she just stared blankly at me with no reaction 

  So I became surprised 

I was expecting her to go angry, hit me or better still curse me for cheating on her

   "I had sex with her... It wasn't really my fault, she... "

"I understand, you wouldn't have done that if she didn't force herself on you because you love only me right? " she queried truthfully and it made me more guilty 

   She's really an angel

She understands
Which makes her a human she is

 "So what happened to her"

"I... Threw her into the lake of fire... I mean I ended her life"I said and she flinched 

"What! You did that with your own hands? "She said staring at me with a strange look on her face

  "Yes along with the sex demons who lashed at me earlier "

She shifted away from me and before I knew it she had disappeared


  "Tell me all this is a dream? "I soliloquized as I opened my eyes

Ethan is turning bad

  That man foresaw it

  He will turn bad 

 My door opened and the woman came in 
   "Are you okay? " she asked as she sat down beside me

 How did she hear me or Why is she asking when I didn't make a noise or why is she here afterall? 

I pondered seeing her sit down on my bed
    "I'm okay"I said and she touched my forehead 

"That love will never end well for you both and that's what your dad have been to warn you about"

"Why? "

"You might be sent to kill him with your own hands when he gets worse"

I was alarmed 

"Why? That's betrayal! And you call yourselves angels! " I spoke angrily and she smiled

"Its not, trying to eliminate something bad isn't a betrayal "

"The lord said so? "I queried and I found her getting up and leaving my room


Kill him with my own hands, that's impossible! 

My own don't go that way.


I thirst blood


I sniffed

It was really a high blood scent and it was drawing me to itself 

  I got up from my bed and followed the scent out of the room and when I came out

I saw my own dad in the pool of his own green blood

   I fell to the ground beside him

"Who did this to you? "

He choked pointing to an unknown direction 

I thought the devil never dies and if he happens to be dead then its something strong that killed him

Its fiction o😁😁

Devil can never be dead o😂😂😂

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