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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 




"Ethan is now how you wanted him to be even without Grachi"

"Okay make Grachi understand that they are her parents"

"Yes sir"

"And make her meet Ethan real soon"

"Yes sir.... 


The moment I threw her and the other sex demons into the lake of fire 

I felt fulfilled 

   I felt relieved and same time empty 
   I felt so satisfied that I felt so happy ans proud that I ended her stupid life

   I don't care who her parents was since she was bethroted to marry me anyway

"You did the right thing son"
My father complimented me as he patted my shoulder 

I bowed and then stared at a guard who was staring at me in a way that I don't like

  I walked closer to him and started dragging him forcefully to the lake of fire 

"My prince no! I'm sorry?! "He yelled as I let go off him and he went down into the lake of fire 

  "That's my son Ethan, you're the true son of your father "

I felt honored as I walked into my room 
Everyone was careful because they never knew if they were next to die or not....


      What if he's saying the truth about being my parents? 
I've got to give that a try 

   I followed from behind as he left... 


  They fed me well even at my naughtiness and indifference towards them

They gave me a room to sleep on and soon I slept off... 

And saw myself inside Ethan's bedroom

He was pacing about his room and immediately he felt a presence in the room and our eyes met

   I saw his face soften

   He advanced towards me and then in a swift I was in his arms as he hugged me

    "I missed you Ethan" I said and he smiled at me with his eyes smelling and reeking of guilty 

It was as if he did something bad and is regretting on why he did it

   "What happened? "I asked still all cheerful as he seemed a little bit distant from me

  "How did you get here"he asked coldly and I chuckled thinking he was going to be interested in everything I was going to tell him.

I narrated everything that happened earlier to him and all he did was a smirk with his tightly locked with each other on his back

   "That was quite bad"he said and then sighed

Something was wrong with him and I could feel it deep inside of me

   "Where is Sheila? "I asked half concerned and he smirked again

I can't count how many times he had smirked since I came here

  "Well... She's gone forever "
He said cynically causing me to stare at him closely

Something is definitely wrong with him

   "Gone? How?? "

"She's probably in the lake of fire resting herself in there " he said deviously and I became scared

What does he mean by these words he is saying

  I sat down beside him and he shifted a bit
  I shifted too so I was close to him

  I pulled his face closer and then stared into his face and eyes

Something is definitely wrong with him

"What happened Ethan? " I asked searching his eyes

"Nothing happened " he replied in a haste 

"You are behaving strangely... "

"That's because I have a newly found emotion inside of me"

"Which is... "

"Hatred for everything around me... 


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