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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was tge devil's son... So I fell in love with him) 




I couldn't contain my anger seeing the devil's son loving my daughter so I went all the way to hell and when I couldn't find that evil son anywhere 

I murdered him 

  Though he injured me before I killed him in his sleep 
   He's powerful and strong 

  A very strong dark angel so I'm not sure he will die if given a couple of days and time

   I know I sinned before the LORD but that would be fixed later

The thought of how he lured people to sin and is fast getting people into hell than into heaven is enough reason for me to end his life so no bone of contention

But then a thought struck me

What if his son finds out? 


That's a mistake and it didn't cross my mind.

I made everything more complicated 

  "Are you okay? "I heard my wife say as she entered the room

"Yes I'm fine, where have you been? "I asked trying not to be suspicious before her 

"I went to Grachi's room, I heard her thoughts again while she was sleeping 
   I think she went to that place she used to see him"she stressed the last word

   I held her in my arms 

"Its okay, everything will be fine"

When I just made it worse.... 


   Who could have done this to him
   "Dad! Father!! Guards!! Guards!! "They rushed towards me and then I signaled them to help me carry him into his room 

  They laid him down on his bed and I immediately went for his pulse
  He was still breathing but it was faint and hardly heard

   It was a relief since he's still alive

   Then my anger returned back to me again

Where were the guards when he was attacked

   What kinda guards do we have here? 

   I stared at the guards and they were already shivering as I burned them with my gaze 

   "What were you guys doing when your king was attacked? "
I barked and the whole room shook

I'm terribly angry maybe that's why it shook like that 

  My form was changing to that of my father's.

"Get ready to lose your beloved too if my father dies"

I threatened and sent them all out of my father's room

   "Father! "I called softly as I dressed his clothes perfectly and covered him up with a blanket

No matter how bad I hate him for being my dad
He's the only person I've got apart from Grachi

I've no other relative and I can't bear to lose him 

    I sighed staring at his face
He really looks like me

    He opened his eyes weakly and smiled at me

   "I loved you Betty, so I'm sorry if I made you go through pain and then I took your life when our child was born I'm sorry"

He said staring far ahead of me

What's gotten into him? 

Who is Betty?? 

    He smiled at me again

"I loved you still but had no courage to face you being a non human Betty so I... I'm sorry but I still loved you "

He repeated staring at me as if I was the unimaginary Betty

   Who is Betty? 


Okay o

Betty ke??

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