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    "I asked to kill him didn't I? "

"I'm sorry I failed so strip me off my duties "I said boldly and he was startled at my speech 

  "Okay done! Why did you spare him? Because you love him? "He smirked

"Well I sent men after him anyways, you killed destiny right? "

Wait hold on, he sent men after Ethan 

    I stood up and ran away 

Oh Ethan please be there when I come

Ethan please don't leave yet

You can survive them 

You're the angel I know and the angels are people I don't know 

I breathed hard panting as I stopped infront of Ethan's kingdom

   I heard sounds coming from inside and I didn't hesitate running inside again

   " Ethan! "I shouted as I saw him pumelling to the floor after a knife of holy magic was thrusted into his stomach

   I used my own powers and killed all those people who laid their hands on him 

  Before I rushed to him.

"Ethan please wake up! You can't die yet"I said as I helped him relax his head on my laps

  I will kill myself if he dies

  He pulled my face closer and kissed me

    Our tongue rolled against each other and all the past came back to the both of us as we fed on each other's breath 

He's someone I shouldn't have fallen in love with because he's a devil's son! 

   How did I meet him? 

How did I find myself falling in love with him? 

   I wish we can love forever 

I don't care if he's a devil or me an angel

He's the one I know and understand a lot

   "Will you marry me when I get better Grachi? "

"And who told you I will leave you again? "

   He smirked and I did that too 

 "I love you "we chorused together before we started kissing all over again... 

THE END.....

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