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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 10~🌹

Bryan's POV cont'd 🌹

‘Spill the story I don't have all day young woman so—

‘I'm pregnant'..


‘You heard me right,I said I'm pregnant'..

‘You....You're carrying a baby?? Oh my God you're going to be a mom??'..

‘Yes,now you know my secret and you can as well spill it to the whole school'..She said wiping a tear off her cheek and I smirked..

I knew that date was going to ruin her one way or the other,she was just too stubborn to listen to my warning...

‘Look uhh,look I'm not going to rat you out and I'm not going to be nice to you either and I also can't have a pregnant girl on my trial people are going to suspect so uhhh.....Bye Amelia and stay away from me'..

Amelia's POV 🌹

That bastard!!!..

The motherf**king bastard!!..

‘I told him'..I announced as I dropped my bag on Camille's bed..

‘What?!'..She exclaimed and I shrugged lightly..

‘I told Bryan Lodge I'm pregnant'..

‘What the hell Amelia of all people in the world you told Bryan Lodge?! Are you out of your goddamned mind?!'..She screamed softly..

‘I...I was out of options okay?? He knew I was hiding something and he threatened to tell the whole college if he found out about what I was hiding, you know I had no other choice but to comply Amelia you know that pretty well!'..I yelled back and she sighed deeply..

‘We have to do something and I have an idea but you have to—

‘What idea?? I'm taking every option I can get right now'..

‘Well it's a long shot and it's kind of risky Amelia but right now I can't think of anything else'..She said..

‘Just tell me what to do!!'..

‘Abortion Amelia!! Abort the baby!"..

‘What?? no I can't do that??"..

‘Well right now it's the only choice you have'.

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