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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 7~🌹

Amelia's POV 🌹

The Next Morning 🌥
I yanwed loudly as I turned around only to discover that my clothes were gone and I was naked..

Oh God!!..

Oh no no no!!..

I slept with Connor O'Brien?!!...

📲:Yo where the hell are you?!'..Camille asked as I picked the phone..

📱:I uhhh I'll be home in a moment I'm just trying to sort some things out okay?? I'll be there with you soon'..I stuttered loudly as I struggled to put my clothes on..

📲:Did you spend a night with your date??'..She asked and I frowned..

📱: It's not funny Camille I'll be with you shortly'..I said and left the creepy room..

Oh God what have I done??...

Minutes Later ♥️
‘I am being very honest with you Camille I don't even know what happened and it irritates the hell out of me you know??'..I whimpered..

‘So you think Connor O'Brien drugged you?'..She asked and I shook my head...

‘Yes I think so,that app is very evil Camille and it's all your fault,if only you'd let me wallow in my own sorrow I wouldn't be more depressed''..

‘Okay yeah I take the blame but I had good intentions trust me but you don't really have to be scared?? I'm pretty sure he used protection'..She said and I forced a smile..

I pray so Camille...

I pray so..

Bryan's POV 🌹

‘I told you I wanted a mocha latte what is this??'..I growled as Amelia dropped my coffee next to me..

‘It is a mocha latte you idiot now drink I'm getting late for class'..She said and I balled my fist lightly..

‘You think you can do what you want or talk to me like that just because you went on that creepy date??'...

‘Shut up'..

‘Look everyone!! She dresses like a preppy good girl but she's nothing but a slut!'..I yelled and her eyes began to water..

‘Please shut up Bryan'..She pleaded but I refused..

‘Ohh so you think I don't know you slept with your mystery date?? You think I didn't see you rush out of the hotel this morning?? You're nothing but a wh*re!!'..

‘I said shut up you bastard!!'..She yelled at the top of her voice and the next thing I knew My coffee was all over my shirt..

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