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Season 5


(She belong to me)

Jack came home early as usual.

An appetizing aroma greeted him as soon as he opened the adorned door. He sniffed and this made him very hungry. He walked slowly to follow the smell and it led to the kitchen, where he saw a familiar figure.

"Emily? Are you cooking?" Jack was already inside the kitchen with one long stride.

Emily turned to him with a red apron covered her huge belly and her hair was slightly unkempt. For Jack, she was certainly a sight to behold. She stopped her cooking and said, "You're home?" "Yes,"

Jack answered with a sincere smile. Jack reached out for her hands and kissed them lightly and said, "You don't have to do that. We have our cooks, remember?"

"It's okay. I was bored and I want to cook sometimes," Emily chuckled.

"Do I have a share?"

Emily tilted her head and looked at him, "What do you think?"

Jack was thrilled with her answer. 'Did this mean she cooked for me?' Jack wondered happily. He knew that she still loved him, even just for a little and so he still got the chance to win her back.

Jack thought, 'I should have killed Jacob earlier than planned. I wasted so much time to be with Emily.'

"Let me help you. It's okay. You can go and rest if you're tired." Jack only cared about whether Emily still loved him or not. She loved him and wanted to cook for him, and that was enough. How would he want her to get tired?

Emily turned down his offer, but he insisted. They cooked together and were joined by their two cooks in the kitchen.

Jack couldn't take his eyes off from her. He would glance at her from time to time even when he was chopping that he almost cut his finger. He couldn't get enough of this, of her.

When Jacob was alive, he could only glance at Emily from afar for fear of being caught. But now, he was free to do that openly.

This gave him so much pleasure. Emily's hair was up in a messy bun, and she wore a light housecoat with a pair of soft slippers. She was radiant even with her huge belly. Her skin was glowing and her lips were fuller.

Jack was captivated by her beauty, and he wished this moment to go on forever, to kept him suspended in time with her!

Emily was just like an ordinary housewife. She prepared dinner for him, and he helped her in the kitchen. It was like a scene from a movie and Jack wanted to keep repeating it every day for the rest of their lives.

Jack suddenly felt pain and screamed, "Ouch!" Because his mind was elsewhere, he cut his finger while chopping.

When Emily heard him, she turned around and asked with concern. "Are you okay?"

Jack showed her his wounded finger and was trying to look pitiful, so he made a puppy face and mumbled, "I cut myself."

It was one of his old tricks to get Emily's sympathy, which rarely worked before. But to his amazement, it somehow worked this time.

"Does it hurt?"

"I'm all right..." Jack blurted out without thinking too much. But he wittingly changed his words and acted like he was in great pain, "Oh no, it hurts so much! It hurts! I'm gonna lose my finger!"

Emily frowned and checked his wound and sighed, "Why are you so careless? Let me clean and cover your wound right away."

'Emily does care for me!' Jack was secretly bursting with happiness.

Jack tried his luck once more and asked, "Emily, would you do that for me? You know, I didn't trust anyone but you."

Emily asked herself, 'You trust me? Aren't you afraid that I would poison your dinner?'

She pushed her thoughts away and was back to her cheerful mood. She shook her head and said, "All right! Come with me."

Jack was thrilled and was walking on air but he tried not to show it. He followed Emily from the kitchen and waited for her to the living room for his wound to be treated.

The attentive maidservant quickly took out the first aid kit from the medicine cabinet and put in on the table.

Emily was taking her time and pretended to be calm. She carefully cleaned the wound, applied an ointment and covered it with a bandage.

Although Jack's wound was not that serious, it bled profusely. And what struck him the most was Emily's thoughtfulness, which melted his heart

'She was so great in every way that all men wanted her, ' Jack expressed in his mind.

But she now belonged to him The thought of this got his heart on fire that warmed his body and soul. And he opened his mouth and said, "Don't worry too much. I'm fine."

"I don't feel worried at all." Emily claimed. Which was true since Jack wasn't consistent with his words and she knew he was trying to get her attention.

But in Jack's mind and heart, he wanted to believe that Emily was just too shy to admit that she was worried about him. He even thought her denial was charming and continued, "Okay! Whatever you say!"

His eyes lingered on her. Emily noticed how he looked at her with affection, and it reminded her that he was the one who killed Jacob, the love of her life. She could no longer take it, and she wanted to puke and stop playing nice.

"You can sit here and rest. I need to go to the kitchen to finish the cooking," responded Emily.

The heart believed what it wanted to believe.

Jack was so absorbed with his own happiness that he was deluded with everything. All this time, he thought Emily was worried about him and glowed, "Okay! But I want to help you."

Emily wanted to strangle him but instead choked her anger and sweetly answered, "Fine."

Jack was like a happy child with a box full of candies as he followed Emily to the kitchen. He knew nothing about cooking and he rarely went inside the kitchen. But he would do everything for her.

Emily missed Jacob so much and his cooking. He was a genius in the kitchen, and they always enjoyed eating together. Then her mind went back to Jack. How she hated him! Until now, he refused to admit the crime he committed.

It was already dark when they finished dinner that Emily prepared.

Jack ordered everyone around them to stay away. It was a cool and clear night, and what a perfect moment to be alone with Emily.

Jack lit few tea candles that were floating on a bowl of water with flower petals for a touch of romance, and took out a bottle of expensive red wine, opened and poured it into his long stem goblet.

"Emily, you made me a happy man today," Jack said.

He smiled gently, and there were stars in his eyes. It was rare to see him like this. Actually, she never saw him this way before.

Emily, however, would never lose in bewilderment by his actions. No matter how good he wanted to be, he was a dark and evil monster deep down.

Her eyes moved on the swaying candlelight. She contemplated everything she did tonight, and she plastered a smile, "Me too."

"Really?" His eyes were burning with passion, and he continued, "We're soul mates."

Emily didn't answer but took the bottle of red wine, and poured it into her glass half full. She slightly raised her glass and shook it gently. The moonlight reflected on it, and she took a deep breath and said, "Let's toast, honey. For happy days!"

Jack was dumbfounded and stammered, "What, what did you just call me?"

Emily looked at him coyly and smiled, "I called you honey. I haven't called you that for a long time. It just felt right to say it."



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