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Season 5


(Their future)

As long as Emily paid a little attention to him, Jack would toss away all of his dignity and principles. He had already forgotten his refusal and affably suggested, "I'll tell them to buy you one at once."

Emily was not satisfied with this suggestion, and said, "I want you to buy me one."

It was rare for her to ask Jack for something, so he jumped at the opportunity to be needed and followed whatever she asked. He said excitedly, "Okay! Okay! You just wait here, and I will bring one for you immediately. It will not take long."

His bodyguards were secretly ashamed of their boss. Jack was head over heels for Emily now, and he would listen to nobody but her.

He ordered the bodyguards to take care of Emily while he went to buy ice-cream for his beloved. It would take time to walk to the nearby ice-cream shop, but he wanted her to rest comfortably in the car, so he decided to walk to the shop by himself.

The little round trip took at least twenty minutes.

After he left, Emily called from inside the car, "Open the door. I need some fresh air. I might puke any minute now."

The bodyguards opened the door for her at once. She glanced around furtively. It seemed that she was waiting for someone. A hint of uncertainty flashed in her eyes.

Five minutes later, a dirty kid rushed towards the car out of no-where. He tripped and fell down beside her feet, hitting the open door head-on.

The bodyguards frowned nervously for they were afraid that she might have been injured because of the flailing kid. They came to check on her and asked, "How are you, Mrs. Gu?"

"I'm fine. He didn't hurt me."' When the bodyguards were about to grab the kid and drag him away, Emily stopped them and asked the kid, "Are you all right, kid?"
The bodyguards considered the fallen child and stopped their action. This toddler was around four or five, so he was not a threat to them or Emily.

Besides, she was a mother, so it made sense for them that she would show sympathy for kids.

Having assessed the possible danger, the bodyguards stood aside and watched over them silently.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean it. I'm sorry, ma'am!" the little boy said, scratching his head. He touched the swollen lump where his head had hit the door.

Bashfully the boy said, "I'm sorry for what I did. Your car must be expensive. Does it have a scratch because of me?"

Emily studied the dirty little boy who was dressed in rags. The cloth he wore even had several patches to cover the holes in it. His face and small hands were dirty, and there was black sludge under his nails. He was a typical beggar boy.

"It's okay. It just a car. All that matters is that you are fine. Besides, my car is steel. Your head isn't hard enough to damage it. I am the one who should say sorry. And I owe you compensation for this."

Opening her purse she took out some money which she gave to the urchin, and said, "Here. You can go buy some candy. That's my apology."

The boy stared at the money. Apparently, he understood the implication of receiving the money, and he asked, "Really? I can take this?"

"Yes!" Emily said, her eyes soft and gentle.

The boy was surprised by her reaction and kind words, despite his infarction on her space, and he took the money immediately. He exclaimed, "Thank you! Thank you so much! You are so kind, ma'am."

"All right. You can leave now."

"Bye, ma'am."

The boy capered away.

The bodyguards, standing aside, thought, 'What a lucky dog! If Mr. Jack was here he would not have come off so lightly.' This seemed to be a trivial episode, which no one took much notice of.

When the boy was out of sight, he rolled all the bills into his pocket. The childlike innocence had disappeared from his face, and he scampered over to the back door of an entertainment club where a man waited.

"Did you give it to her?"

The boy nodded and answered, "Yes, sir!"

Magee took out a big roll of money from his wallet and said, "Well-done."


Twenty minutes later, Jack finally returned with an ice-cream. He had run back after paying for the ice-cream, as he was afraid it would melt before he could give it to Emily.

"Thank you!" she said, gifting him with a rare smile.

He was both elated and dazzled by her smile. If she smiled at him like that every day, he would move mountains for her. He would fetch the moon and stars for her, if she would beam at him like that.

Jack had no dignity left now, but somehow he enjoyed the current situation very much.

The ice-cream was a necessary ruse. She had merely used it to be rid of Jack's company for a while. Now her goal had been reached and she found herself in a much improved mood.

Emily handed the ice-cream back to Jack after she had a bite, and said, "Throw it away. I don't want it anymore."

He would have flown into a blind rage, if any other woman had done this to him. He had gone to great lengths to buy her the ice-cream, and now she was not interested in it after taking only a small bite.

But she was Emily.

Even if she wanted hundreds of ice-creams, only to throw them away for fun, Jack would not object. In fact, he would buy them immediately for her. One ice-cream or hundred, he did not care.

"Do you want anything else? I'll go buy it for you," he said eagerly. He didn't throw the ice cream away, but ate it with relish. He didn't even mind that Emily had bitten into it at all. If anything, knowing that she tasted it before him, improved its flavor to him.

However, Emily became annoyed by this. And she answered, "Let's go back home."

'Why didn't I notice before that he has such a low self-esteem?' she wondered.
He agreed with a smile, "Okay, let's go home." No matter how inappropriate her demand was, he would comply.

Emily gave no further response, but cautiously watched him, slowly clenching her hand around the thing in her bag.

Nothing special happened over the next few days, but changes approached quietly.

For example, Emily no longer showed her indifference to Jack, and even stopped provoking him into anger. She even gave him a smile once in a while.

He felt extremely flattered by her changed behavior and allowed himself to hope.

His instincts warned him that there must be a reason behind her sudden change, but he preferred to enjoy the transient happiness, rather than over think it.

"Mrs. Gu has asked that the flowers be cleared from the garden, Sir. She has planted lots of fruit and vegetables, which she says are for cooking or eating when they ripen in the future."

One of his aids reported to Jack when he was working. As he heard about this, he smiled and said, "Whatever. If she's happy to do so, it's okay. Do as she asks."

The subordinate nodded in agreement, but felt pity for the flowers.

The flowers planted in the garden were all expensive, and some of them were too rare to buy. Emily, however, insisted that they all be cleared to make way for some cheap fruits and vegetables.

Nobody knew what she was thinking. But since Mr. Jack said nothing about this, they dared not speak against it.

It wasn't yet close of business for the day, but when Jack thought of Emily his longing took over and he returned home early to see her.

Everyone was clueless about her erratic behavior, but Jack wondered whether it meant that she was gradually accepting him.

What other explanation could there be for planting fruit and vegetables in his garden? She had also said that they would ripen in the future. Was she waiting for that future with him? Future! This future would belong to him and Emily.

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