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Season 5


(Is this a clandestine love affair)

Emily stared at Jack with a blank face and blurted in a cold voice, "Stupid." Jack did not utter a word. After all, he thought silence was a true weapon. Of course, he wasn't stupid.

He just wanted to attract and appeal to Emily. He had no other intention. However, his tricks failed blatantly.

Emily was way too cunning to fall for that. Jack was embarrassed beyond description.

Emilyy frowned and clamored impatiently, "You can stand here and stare with your mouth wide open. Allow me to go."

Jackk had been humiliated like never before. He felt numb. He decided to flee to a nearby hotel to freshen himself up and hoped to get some time for self pity.

Emily wasn't interested in accompanying Jack, but eventually she went on to do it anyway.

Once they got inside the room, Jack rushed into the bathroom to wash himself. Emily settled down on the bed, thinking.

"Knock knock knock." A person was knocking the door and stood right there, despite the door being kept ajar. Emily squinted and walked towards the door to attend the person on the door when she heard a voice saying, "I'm here to serve the wine."

"Let him in. I had ordered some wine," said Emily. In fact, Emily hadn't ordered anything but she decided to pass out a white lie as the waiter's face seemed eerily recognizable from somewhere.

The guard hesitated for a few seconds and let the waiter in as he considered that Jack was inside the room so Emily would be safe, anyway.

The waiter entered the room pushing the wine cart. He took off his hat and showed his face to Emily as he said, "Here is your wine, my lady."

Emily stared closely at the waiter to figure out his plan but failed miserably. She finally said, "Leave it here, please."

"Yes, my lady," he replied, obediently. "Magee, what on earth are you doing here?"

Emily kept her eyes on the bathroom door as she whispered.

Magee followed her eyes and shifted his gaze onto the bathroom door as well. He answered in a low voice, "Of course, I came here for you. I've come to save you."

"No, thanks. Leave now and stay away from me in the future as well, please. I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me," she said, coldly.

"Jack is not capable of hurting me. Rest assured of that. As I've said before, you still can ask for my help if you change your mind," he offered again.

Emily felt confused as she really did not know what on earth Magee's true intentions were. "Why do you want to help me? What do you want from me? What do you have to gain from this?"

Emily asked suspiciously.

Magee hesitated for a moment and answered quickly, "I just want to go against Jack. I simply can't see him happy, no matter what. That's all."

Emily stared at Magee as she asked, "Do you like me?"

The air around them seemed to grow tense.

"Wow, I never knew you thought so highly of yourself." Magee sneered and stepped forward aggressively to hold Emily against the wall as he asked, "Why do you think I would like you, a woman who's a mother already and is carrying another baby right now?"

Emily wasn't embarrassed at all by the way in which he decided to confront her and answered calmly, "Now that you've testified that you've no reason to love me, stay out of my business please.''

"So, can I infer that I do have a right to intervene in your affairs if I do love you?" he asked.

"No, obviously not. I did not mean that," she said.

At this moment, Jack seemed to have overheard an argument as he asked from the bathroom, "Emily, what happened? Are you okay?"

Emily replied calmly, "I'm fine. I just ordered a bottle of wine."

"You are carrying baby so you'd better not drink it now..." Jack said, seemingly worried.

"I ordered it for you. I won't drink it," she replied skillfully.

Jack felt ecstatic hearing Emily. If he wasn't naked, he would definitely have rushed out of the bathroom and drank it down in one gulp as it wasn't an everyday occurrence when Emily would order wine for his sake.

Magee stared at Emily's calm face during the whole fiasco. He suddenly wanted her to be nervous and worried. He wanted her to be vulnerable. He wanted her to be weak. He wished for it earnestly.

"Are you playing a game? Is this a clandestine love affair?" asked Magee giving a sly smile.

Emily frowned upon hearing this. As she was trying to chase him out the room, Magee suddenly opened his mouth widely as though in an attempt to yell something. Emily hopped and managed to cover his mouth in a reflex move.

"Don't be silly," she warned, coldly. Magee swiped aside her fingers covering his mouth gently and said, "I'm just kidding."

"Emily, are you still there?" Jack asked anxiously. He may have sensed something unusual. Jack felt an ominous hunch inside him.

"Emily, talk to me. Are you okay?" asked Jack as he dressed up quickly, simultaneously. Whatever was the issue with Emily, he had to intervene immediately.

"I'm okay," Emily replied. She pushed Magee forcefully and ordered, "Take the wine away."

Magee did not refuse. He asked again, not planning to surrender yet, "Don't you need my help for real?"

Emily paused and said, "If you insist on helping me, I do have something that you may be able to help me with."

Magee etched her words in his mind as his charming eyes slowly turned gloomy.
Jack sensed something suspicious as he came out as soon as he got dressed up. But he couldn't find anyone except Emily inside the room even though he had overheard a third voice, or so it seemed. "Emily, was there anyone else in the room?" Jack asked, doubtfully.

"A waiter came a while ago to serve the wine," she said.

"Then, where is the wine?" he asked.

"I canceled the order," Emily said, coldly, as his repeated questions were making her increasingly uncomfortable.

The joyous clouds in Jack's mind turned dark as he asked, "Didn't you claim that you ordered it for me, did you?"

'Was it another of my illusions? It wasn't, ' Jack thought in his mind.

"But I suddenly did not want to order it for you. Is there a problem?" Emily said casually, as if she was unaffected by his inquiry.

"No problem. Of course not," answered Jack without hesitating. He sensed that she was displeased by him. However, he could not help feeling crestfallen as indicated by his expressions.

It was just a bottle of wine. But it was Emily who ordered for him so Jack considered it as divinely special. Now that she canceled the wine, it felt like a vacuum was all that persisted in his mind.

Emily was least bothered by his level of happiness as she said, "I want to go back. I'm not feeling well here."

Jack decided to let go of all his disappointment upon hearing it. "So let's go back now, okay?" he proposed.

"Alright. Let's leave right now," she said. Emily followed Jack out of the hotel but she walked much slower than usual as though she was constantly scanning the surroundings for a specific something or someone.

Jack noticed that Emily was slower than usual, but he merely thought her womb had to take its credits. He badly wanted to cuddle with her and show her some affection. Considering that she would definitely get annoyed, he decided against it.

Emily wanted to get rid of Jack for a while. Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind as she suggested, "Jack, I want to have an ice cream. Buy me one, please."

"Ice cream?" Jack frowned and continued, "Ice is not advisable for your body now. How about something else?"

Emily sunk her lips furiously in an attempt to fake anger. Her face reddened as she commanded, "I told you to buy me an ice cream."

"Emily, don't be angry. Please listen to me..." Jack tried to explain.

"I don't want to listen! I don't! I won't budge an inch until you buy me an ice cream! Am I understood?" yelled Emily.

Jack was taken off-guard when Emily was pouring all her anger on him once again. Moments like these when she lost her temper weren't a novelty to him.

During the days they used to date, this was a regular incidence. He always thought her cute when she acting out like this and he simultaneously adored such moments.

"Okay, okay, calm down. I'll buy you an ice cream right now..." Jack always forgot all his principles in front of Emily.

Or perhaps his unconditional love for Emily made him forget it.



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