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Season 5


(She wasn't a kid)

Jack was gladdened that they had made limited eye contact, otherwise he would have been tempted to actually blindfold Emily to stop them ogling each other. She looked down at the ground, as if lost in her thoughts. "I want to eat something now," she said to Jack.

He immediately suggested, "Okay, let's go to my private room."

His private room had been booked for them, and now was the perfect time to have lunch.

Even though she hated Jack, she would not hurt herself by starving herself. After all, the unborn baby still needed nutrition.

So they had a harmonious lunch together, without much conflict or argument.

After lunch, Jack saw that the atmosphere was amicable enough, so he took the opportunity to propose, "Emily, you haven't been out of the house in all this time. It's a beautiful day. Why don't we go to the movies together?"

She seemed to be thinking of something, and after a few seconds of deliberation, she said, "OK."

"OK?" He did not expect she would agree so swiftly. For a moment he didn't grasp her answer, "You, you promise?"

"No," she rescinded.

"I heard you say yes!" Jack wanted to be assured of her words.

"So why are you still asking then?" she retorted.

"I just want to make sure of it." He could not be more flattered, and he speculated that she had agreed to see the movie with him, because she was in a better mood today.

Afraid that she would go back on her word, Jack hurriedly booked tickets for them. Seeing she didn't have any objection to his choice, or maybe because her mind was not on the film at all, he schemed and chose a love story for them.

In the cinema, Jack did not have the theater specially cleared for them, and they quietly went in. Because of the dim light, no one recognized them, taking them as another pair of ordinary lovers who came to see the film.

Jack protectively guided her to their seats as the movie began.

She was holding a bucket of popcorn, while he whispered to her in a soft tone, "Emily, do you remember we used to go to the movies when we were in college? Back then..."

Before he could reminisce about the past, Emily interrupted him directly, "I don't remember."

The smile froze on his face. "It doesn't matter. I could tell you all about it..."

However, she refused to listen to his nonsense, "Just stop talking. You are getting in the way of my seeing the movie. I cannot focus on the movie if you keep talking beside me."

He had to compromise, "... Fine."

After speaking, her eyes turned to the big screen and she focused on the film. She no longer paid any attention to him.

He shut up, and turned his face to her, quietly staring at her beautiful profile. Meanwhile, his eyes slowly grew pensive.

It was so nice to have her by his side now.

If Rose and Jacob hadn't broken their relationship five years ago, they would have been married and had their own children by now.

Still, it wasn't too late.

While Emily was watching the film, Jack kept looking at her the whole time, as if seeing her was never enough. His eyes were full of love.

She pretended not to be aware of his gaze, while she kept her eyes glued to the large screen. She seemed to be watching the film very seriously, but deep in her heart, she was recalling the way in which Magee had looked at her before lunch. Thinking of it, her eyes softened slightly.

It should be... the way she understood it.
More than an hour later, the film ended. In the darkened cinema people could vaguely hear the cry of the girls being comforted by the boys.

At this point, Emily's lack of emotion made her stand out from the other viewers. Jack had been mesmerized by her face, so he didn't know what the movie was about exactly. He simply assumed and said, "Are they crying because it was a touching story?"

"No." Emily finally turned to him, "It's not a happy ending. The leading lady wasn't with the leading man. She killed him." Shocked, he stiffened, "What kind of stupid movie was this?"

'Isn't it a love story? It sounds like a tragedy!' he thought angrily.

"Let's go," she said to him. Picking up the box of popcorn which was nearly untouched she headed out.

A sense of unease inexplicably rose from the bottom of his heart. He quickly followed her, and taking the popcorn, walked in his habitual place in front of her way, while complaining, "What kind of movie was this? We won't see it for a second time!"

He couldn't anticipate, that the bad ending of the movie would also be their ending...

As they left the cinema, Jack's uneasiness slowly disappeared, "Emily, we..."

Before he could finish his words, his facial expression suddenly changed. He stretched out a hand to tuck her behind his back, so as to protect her. Meanwhile, a basket of eggs sailed through the air and hit his body.

The sulphuric stench of rotten egg, clinging to his hair and running down his handsome face, filled the air. He looked very embarrassed. Emily was perfectly protected by him, and she was clean from head to toe, even her skirt was not stained with any of the egg.

The people who threw egg at them suddenly burst into the confused crowd, running away in different directions, while yelling, "We've been sick of you two for so long! It was you that we threw eggs at! You deserved it! Let's run!"

The bodyguards who had stayed outside the cinema, on Jack's orders, wanted to go after the perpetrators, but they received a negative signal from Jack. So they had to stick around.

"Emily, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?" He seemed not to recognize his own embarrassing state. Stretching out his hand, he wanted to look Emily over. However, she recoiled from him.

His hand stiffened mid air and he slowly drew it back. He was embarrassed and dejected, "I am sorry. I almost forgot how dirty I must be right now."

Jack looked really pathetic, especially with a self-deprecating expression and his current appearance. If it were another woman, she would have been moved to jump into his arms and defend him!

But Emily stepped back with distaste, as if agreeing of his dirtiness.

He was heart-broken, but still managed to maintain his manners. "You must be so sad, since you have been targeted before, being thrown eggs at? Well, I've been thrown at too. Do I look funny? If it makes you happy, I'd rather get hit by more eggs."

After hearing his banter, Emily could not help but look at him speculatively for a few more seconds. After a long pause, she spoke, "Stop it already. Aren't those the people you called over?"

He was astounded by her keen powers of observation, while his eyes sparkled out of guilt, "Emily, what are you talking about... How could they possibly be the people I called?"

She was speechless, and could not understand how the man's brain worked.

"All the humiliations I have experienced, do you really want to try them out one by one? Don't forget this. I was not only smashed by eggs, but also splashed with sulfuric acid. Would you like to try that one out?"

"Emily..." Jack didn't know what to say to defend himself. He really wanted to go back to the past and punish whoever had insulted Emily and get them arrested.

How he wished he could let those people pay for their sins!

But he neglected to acknowledge that he was the person who had insulted Emily the most.

Emily couldn't be blamed for seeing the truth so easily. The actors were too careless, for they just broke the egg over them, which was such a harmless thing. Besides, she also knew that the outside world constantly viewed her relationship with Jack.

The hearsay was much more nasty than what the actors just scolded them with...

Finally, he had always been so penny-pinched and narrow-minded. There was no way for him to suffer such a humiliation without any of the surrounding people getting caught in the cross fire. Unless he planned it all!

Did he really see her as a three-year-old kid to be manipulated?

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