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Season 5

Episode 37

(What is wrong with you)

The bright, sunny day and idyllic scenery of the outdoors were a strange juxtaposition to the grim conversation in the bedroom. Emily couldn't believe her ears. "Jasper, excuse me?" she asked, dumbfounded. 'What on earth did he just say?'

The man stood casually by the window. His lips tilted upwards in a laid-back smile and said, "I can be Jacob if you want. I look exactly like him, don't you think so? I can act exactly like him, too," his eyes glanced sideways at Emily.

"Jacob isn't here, so I can be him and you can still be Mrs. Gu. Isn't it wonderful?" Jasper continued.

His head turned to the window for a bit. 'Everything Jacob owns will be mine. As for this woman, she really doesn't matter, ' Jasper thought about his plans in his head.

At this point, Emily was even more shocked. "What…" She found everything that Jasper said so ridiculous that she almost swore. Emily was rooted in her place out of disbelief. "Are you insane? You are nothing like Jacob. No one can replace him," she said incredulously. However, Jasper only dismissed her words.

"Well, that remains to be seen. How do you know I am not as good as Jacob?" he said as he looked at her pointedly. "I know you love him, but I can be him, and I'm sure you will fall in love with me, too." Jasper looked at Emily and shrugged, "Hey, relax. This is good for both of us…well, not really for me. You are pretty, but you are too old for me. But I'm okay with that," he added.

'Is this person really Jacob's brother?' Emily thought after Jasper finished speaking. Emily just shook her head dubiously.

"What is wrong with you?"

An angry voice suddenly cut in before Emily could say anything. It was Sam, who hurled himself towards Jasper and gripped his collar between his hands and then punched him on the face.

"Shit!" Jasper yelled. He tried to hit back, but he was too weak to fight against Sam. He was hit again by Sam's punches and he fell down to his knees.

"What the fuck, Sam? Who do you think you are?" Jasper said between gasps.

"Oh, I see. You like her, right? You have a crush on your master's woman.

How funny is that? Hahahaha… " Sam goaded him. However, Jasper only chuckled in amusement.

"Don't put on that face. You want to hit me? Go ahead, hahahahaha…" He said mockingly even in his weakened state. He kept talking down Sam even when Sam repeatedly hit him.

Across the two fighting men, Emily was flabbergasted and rooted in her spot.

She was especially surprised to see Sam like that, because she had known him as the always polite, calm, and reliable gentleman. She never thought that he had it in him to be this emotional.

"Sam, stop. You will kill him," Emily decided to butt in and tried to stop him.

"Mrs. Gu, didn't you hear what he just said about you and Mr. Gu?" Sam turned towards her and said, while he still kept Jasper pinned down.

He shot Jasper a disgusted look. 'This Jasper. He was obviously into Mrs. Emily. I need to protect her. This is my job. Mr. Jacob will be back, ' he thought to himself. However, Emily had decided.
"No need to wait for Jacob. Let's just send him to the police," she said. She did give him a chance.

However, this was the last nail in the coffin.

After she had decided, Sam kicked Jasper to the ground one more time then finally stopped. He had wanted to take him to the police since a long time ago, but he listened to Emily instead. Now that Emily had changed her mind, he was more than willing to do her the favor.

The floor gave a small thud when Jasper struggled to get up. He clutched the edge of his bed and climbed on top of it. He could barely move after he dragged himself up, and just laid there on the pile of unruly sheets.

As he did so, Emily called for a doctor. "Everything is your own damn fault. You will never be Jacob's brother.

You don't deserve that," she hissed. After her little speech, she turned around and left without looking back at Jasper. Sam followed her, like a dutiful knight guarding her safety.

From the bed, Jasper just looked blankly at them, then suddenly burst out in laughter. His wounds from Sam's attacks split open again, but he kept laughing in the midst of pain.

"I don't deserve it… Hahaha…

So what? Should I care? He is fucking dead, okay? Jacob is dead and I won. Everything is mine now!" Jasper shouted to no one like a madman.

"Jacob, look at you, no one will mourn for you. They are all busy celebrating now that you are dead. Poor Jacob. I won't mourn for you. I won't…I didn't kill you…it wasn't me…I didn't…"

Jasper did not get to finish his ramblings, as he broke down in tears and fell into silence on his lonely bed.

In Sam's hands were all the evidence that pointed to Jasper's crimes. Jasper had leaked a good deal of information concerning national and governmental projects, and that was why Jacob was taken down so fast.

Soon enough, the police came and took Jasper away, and everything was clear. Jacob was proven innocent and word spread out.

Meanwhile, Jack nearly attempted to burn down the whole office when he heard the news.

He angrily paced about the room, the soles of his shoes tapping annoyingly loud against the carpeted floor. "Jasper was caught? That rubbish! So Jacob is innocent now? I should have thought about this," he hissed to himself.

He should have figured it out sooner and cut his connection with Jasper.

Jasper was now in the hands of the police, and it was only a matter of time before he ratted him out. Jack was especially angry and frustrated since he had enough to worry about these days, such as the company and his wobbling position. 'Fuck!' He mentally cursed. His beady eyes darted left and right as he worried about his assets and position.

He got the whole company and the top position, which entitled him with great power. However, things didn't go as he had expected before since many tricky things were left unresolved when Jacob stepped down, and it took Jack day and night to settle that. He didn't even have time to pursue Emily.

Now, Jack had even started to suspect that Jacob did it on purpose.

What if Jacob had already figured out what he was up to and left the mess on purpose?

But, in any case, Jacob was dead. To Jack, it was somehow the greatest comfort and consolation he could have.
On the other hand, Emily also faced a tricky situation. She paced around her expansive home and incessantly thought about her predicament. It wasn't a big deal, but it was enough to bother her. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to find out the reasons of what was happening.

A woman who claimed to be Jasper's girlfriend came to Tyrone Mansion every day and yelled at the top of her lungs for the people inside to hear. When the guards stopped her, she started crying, and it continued nonstop. Emily could hear her all day long.

'Well, she is a perfect match for someone like Jasper, ' she thought.

The guards dragged her away, but this woman would come back again the next day, and repeated the whole process of yelling and crying.

By this point, Emily was positively irritated. "What on earth does she want? Money? Or something else? Just give her whatever she wants and let her go!" Emily was so annoyed by this crying woman that she asked the maid to fix the situation.

"Yes, Mrs. Gu." Before long, the maid went back and reported, "Mrs. Gu, the woman said she doesn't want anything. She just wanted to see you in person."

"Fine, let's go downstairs," Emily sighed and reluctantly stood up.

The maid nodded and followed her downstairs.

They soon reached the front porch of the house. Emily didn't open the gate, and just stood there. "You want to see me?" She asked in a cold voice.

On the other side of the gate, Anja just wistfully stared at Emily. She wore a designer coat and a beige dress, which was obviously the latest release from a luxury brand that she didn't even know how to correctly pronounce the name.

'I will never dare to speak to her if it weren't for Jasper.' She thought to herself.

She was shocked. She felt the slight pangs of jealousy quickly crawl into her skin.

'So that's the legendary Mrs. Gu. She is just so elegant and…'

Her thoughts were cut off when she noticed something on the edge of Emily's dress.

Her eyes squinted a little and she saw that it got dust stains from the garden, but she didn't even pay attention to it. 'If I was in that dress, I probably wouldn't even walk outside, and avoid puddles in the garden at all costs!' she thought. She got lost further in her envious thoughts when she compared herself to Emily even more.

'A princess and Cinderella. I'm nothing compared to her,' she mentally sighed.


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