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Season 5

Episode 36

(Substitute for love)

"So he didn't know where Jacob was? " Emily asked the question of which she was dying to know the answer.

Sam lowered his head and said, "Yes, he didn't know Jacob's whereabouts."

He tried many ways to persuade Jasper to tell him where Jacob was. He knew he would tell if he got the answer and why not, he even had the audacity to tell him how many mistresses he had. So he could be telling the truth.

Emily blinked her eyes in frustration, exhaled deeply and asked earnestly, "Then how about Jack? Did he receive a message from Jacob?"

"As far as I know, Jack is also searching for Jacob. So he knew nothing yet, unless if he kept it from us. "

"Damn that bastard! " cursed Emily. Emily threw the glass she was holding and it shattered into pieces, if only she could do that to Jack.

''We need to find Jacob ahead of all these people."

She became quiet as she tried to calm herself down. Recently, she noticed that she was having a hard time managing her temper and she couldn't control herself.

Sam took the chance to asked Emily an important question," Since Jasper was of no help, what do you want me to do with him, Mrs. Gu?"

She furrowed her brows and replied," I have no idea. He is Jacob's brother, just let him decide what to do with him when he comes back."

Sam remarked, "You are so kind-hearted, Mrs. Gu."

Emily raised her head to glance at the loyal assistant. He had been devoted to them and it's important for her to know what he thought she should do, so she asked," What do you think?"

As far as Sam is concerned, if someone hurt Jacob, he can't run away unscathed.

He was silent for a moment and with careful consideration, he answered, "Just do what you think is right. "

He agreed with Emily.

Emily just looked at him and said nothing. She understood Sam more than ever. Both of them wanted to know who orchestrated this suffering to her and to Jacob, and that person should pay.

All she knew that he was Jacob's brother but she didn't know what kind of relationship they had. So it's better to wait for Jacob to deal with him.

One thing is for sure, all she ever wanted was for Jacob to come home soon.

Later that afternoon, Emily was accompanied by Sam to the hospital. They went to see Jasper.

As they entered the ward, they found Jasper lying on the bed, looking gaunt and exhausted. He smirked as he saw Sam, he was getting annoyed with his constant questioning or should we say, interrogations about Jacob's whereabouts.

Jasper thought he didn't do anything wrong to Sam, so he didn't expect him to torture him like that.

He already confessed to him everything he knew.

Sam was a pain in the neck and if only he could run away from him as fast as he could.

He was Jacob's brother but the latter trusted Sam the most.

He didn't care how competent Sam was, it only meant Jacob didn't trust him as much as he trust his loyal assistant and that was a blow to his ego.

"Could you wait outside? I want talk to him alone. " Emily said casually.

Sam was hesitant at first, "But Mrs. Gu…"
Emily glanced at weak man lying in bed, moved his eyes towards Sam and said, "Are you afraid that he will attack me?"

Sam eventually let go of that thought. After all, Jasper was badly wounded and it would be impossible for him to hurt Emily.

He bowed and left the room, leaving Emily and Jasper in the ward.

Jasper didn't know what to feel or how he should act to Emily. He only met her few times, however, he knew too well that Jacob adored her.

He even made a will and left all his possessions to Emily. Yes, he knew that too.

Jacob seemed to be cautious and always farseeing. But he failed this time.

On the other hand, Emily didn't want to admit or accept his death, that's why she didn't take hold of his possessions yet.

At the thought of it, Jasper felt miserable. How unfair it was. He worked hard to get what he wanted, only to find out that Jacob left all he had to Emily, and she didn't even care at all.

"You had the courage to hurt your own brother but you never thought Jack will betray you and tried to kill you, how does that feel?" Emily said coldly. Her words echoed around the room.

Jasper was ashamed and guilt stricken but still defiant. "So what? Jacob deserved it."

At first, he planned to cause trouble with the help of Jack, but he never intended to kill Jacob. And he didn't know what happened after that.

Jack was shrewd and didn't tell him all his plans.

"Why did you do that, to your own brother? " asked Emily breathlessly.

"Why?" Jasper laughed sarcastically and retorted, "We're brothers, offspring of Gu family. He lived a wealthy and privileged life, but how about me?" Every day, I struggled to survive. Who could tolerate such an unfair treatment?

"People looked up to him as a precious gem, a treasure of Gu family. I was always under his shadow, a dirty mud and nobody cared if I exist. I may have returned to Gu Family, but nothing belonged to me. Hungry with power, Jacob would devour everything and anything he can own." continued Jasper.

"It only made sense that I grabbed something that rightfully belonged to me."

His eyes were burning with jealousy and resentment, but what he didn't know was that their family firm was no longer in its glory. The company was a total mess caused by Jim and Jack.

Jacob even disdained to hold such power.

But Jasper just wanted to jump into conclusion and into the fiery pit.

"Just do whatever you want."

"You should pay the price for all the pain that you caused." Emily stared at him emotionless and spoke, "But I won't do anything to you. Jacob will deal with you when he gets back."

Hearing this, Jasper sneered and replied, "How naive you are! It's been a long time and Jacob still remained missing, and even he's alive now, it was unlikely he will survive. His body may have drowned in the river."

Emily was shaken when she heard him and she let out an angry scream, "Shut up! He is alive!"

"Well, you can believe whatever you want." Jasper seemed to think of something else, he smiled and leered at Emily while she was burning with anger, "Maybe you didn't want to get rid of me not because of what you said, but for other reasons."

"What do you mean?" asked Emily. "Nothing. I knew I look a lot like Jacob. Do you see him in me?"

Emily didn't show any emotion, she instead raised her left brow and sneered, "It's true that you look a lot like him, but your character is far from his."

"I don't believe you." whispered Jasper. "And why not?"

"Because you can't bear to see me being hurt." Jasper smiled widely and confidently. He gazed Emily as if to undress her and said, "After all, I can be a good and willing substitute for Jacob. What do you think?"

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