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Season 5

Episode 34

(He make her sick)

"Emily, I do know it was my fault. I drank too much on that day... I didn't really mean to do anything to you... "

"Do you expect me to believe what you're saying?"

"Sorry, Emily, I will never make such a mistake again. I'll listen to you from now on, OK?"

he said in an almost humble way. Jack approached her slowly, wanting, needing to get her forgiveness.

Her eyes flashed hate and resentment. "Go away! I feel sick when I see you."

"I won't believe that you have no feelings for me." Jack looked at her obsessively and reached out to touch her soft hair. "Let's go back to the past, shall we? Just forget what has happened over the years, I will love you more."

"Don't touch me!" Turning her head she avoided his touch. Her stomach churned at the thought of his appearance on that day, he had looked like a wild, ravenous beast in heat.

She heaved and began vomiting.

His face froze for a second, and nervously he approached to assess the situation, "Emily, what's wrong with you?

Are you feeling ill?"

"Don't touch me..." She vomited again.


The closer he came to her, the more seriously she vomited.

Seeing her physical discomfort and pain, he moved back telling himself that it was normal for pregnant women to vomit. Surely, she was not actually sick of seeing him?

But when he saw that Emily stopped vomiting as he backed away, he could not keep calm any longer.

'Is she really sick of me?

No, I don't believe it. How could it be?'

Biting his lip he tried to approach Emily again. However, she began to vomit anew when she looked up at him, disgust written on her face. "Get out of here!"

She seemed to be vomiting her guts out. With a pale face, she looked very weak.

Finally, he had to believe that he sickened her. He could do nothing but stay away from her for fear that she would continue to vomit. He didn't want the vomiting to do any harm to her body, or the baby. If something happened to the baby, she would never forgive him.

"Well, I'll keep far away from you. Just calm down. Anyway, it doesn't matter. It might be a mental illness that can be cured."

The words seemed aimed at her, but could also have been to assure himself that he could not be hated by her any more after she recovered.

Gasping she fetched a paper towel from the nightstand to wipe her mouth. "As long as you don't appear in front of me, I won't vomit."

"Emily, you know, I didn't mean that."

"I don't care what you meant. I just want you to leave right now. Understand?"

"No, Emily, if you don't forgive me, I won't go."

"Well, if you don't go. I'll go!" She retorted. She wanted to leave the room, but he was standing at the door. She had to pass by him if she wanted to go outside, but she didn't want to approach him at all.

Feeling his imploring eyes still locked onto her, she turned to the window and said, "Did you come in through there? Then I'm going down there!"

"Emily!" Jack shouted. Although he knew that she was threatening him in an attempt to make him leave, he still became nervous and said, "Okay, I'll go."

She regarded him coldly, "Go down through the window, where you climbed up."

"Emily..." Jack did not know what to say except to call her name. He was heartbroken and suffering greatly from her hatred.

"Thud. Thud. Thud." The maid knocked at the door, and asked in a worried voice, "Are you all right, Madam? I heard some noise in your room."

Emily stared at Jack and whispered, "Get out of here."

He bit his teeth and strode to the windowsill, from where he skillfully climbed over and went down hand over hand.

She watched as he secretly left Tyrone Mansion without disturbing the patrol. Her heart was relieved by his departure, but her eyebrows wrinkled tightly.

It seemed that security systems would need to be strengthened immediately.

Otherwise, Jack would always superciliously gain entrance to her home as if no one could stop him. How then dare she sleep at night?

She turned from the casement and answered the maid's continued queries, "I'm fine. I just threw up."

After dealing with some of the mess, Emily went to open the door.

The maid was relieved that her mistress seemed fine, apart from being a little pale. Then she said, "I'll have someone come to clean it up right away. Madam, I'll prepare another room for you. Should I send for the doctor?"

"No, I want to rest now." She rubbed at her painful temples. Her eyes were tired and burning from the emotionally taxing evening.

"All right," said the maid. She didn't ask anymore questions, and swiftly had Emily's bedroom cleaned up.

The next day, Emily had the security system strengthened to ensure that Jack could not come in again. She did not see him for the next few days, probably because he was still overwhelmed by her extreme reaction to his presence, and knew that she was obviously disgusted by him.

Three days after burying the scissors, there still had been no news about Jacob. Emily could not help feeling lost and went to the river again.

"Jacob, Where are you? Do you know that I'm waiting for you? I've been waiting for you for all these days."

She shouted at the river, but only heard her own echoes in reply. She was too sad to cry anymore.

She still remembered his gentle voice coaxing her to sleep that night. They had then made plans to have lunch together the next day, and she had so much to talk to him about.

Why did he disappear so unexpectedly? His departure was like the evaporation of water, and now there was no trace to be found.

"Mrs. Gu, let me take you back..." said Sam. Emily kept staring at the river. He stood by her, and was equally grieved by her red eyes and sad countenance.

He dared not even consider that Jacob might have been killed, as if he could keep deceiving himself and others, when there was no news about Jacob.

"Jacob! Jacob! Do you hear me?" She seemed to not even register Sam's presence, but continued to shout Jacob's name over and over again, whether as a prayer or for letting off steam.

She had been depressed for too long these days.

Concern and longing for Jacob was almost driving Emily crazy. As soon as she closed her eyes, precious memories with Jacob stirred in her mind and panic threatened to overwhelm her.

Emily was eager to have Jacob back, and she couldn't bear the long wait, it was torment for her.

She gazed around the river bank, and suddenly noticed a man standing far off.
She thought at first that it was just her wishful thinking, because the man looked just like Jacob.

"Sam! Sam, look! Is that Jacob?" Excited she grabbed Sam's arm tightly, spinning him about, to make him look at the place where the man was standing, "It is Jacob, isn't it? I won't mistake him!"

Sam suffered the agony of the force which Emily applied to his arm, even though he was a strong man. He squinted in the direction of her pointed finger, but saw no one standing there. He felt sorry for Emily and said, "Mrs. Gu, are you not just dazzled by the sunlight? I see nobody there."

Emily slowly released her grip and said, "No, I clearly saw his face..."

"Madam, you must be too tired. I'll take you back home now," he comforted her.

"Really? Is it just because I am tired? " She murmured in some confusion, "But I did see Jacob. How could it be a mistake?" Her face fell with disappointment, and she seemed on the verge of crying any second now.

Sam tried his best to persuade her to go back home. But when they were ready to leave, Emily saw the man again.
"Sam! I am not mistaken. It is him!"

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