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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗



He loves s3x

He wants s3x, he really love having it
  Any minute without s3x is like a nightmare to him

   He's hot, he's handsome, he's rich, he's muscular and every woman's man

   Every guy hates him because he is a good fuvk
    He knows how to make women feel so good and scream for more

   Every woman wants to be fuvked by that huge divk of his

    He's popular because of his s3x nature 
   He always want s3x 

   But after all the girl's he fuvked, it seemed like there was this maid who came in newly into his house whom he had never touched 

  The maid?? 

A very pretty promising young woman who was so inexperienced in everything 

  She was looking for a job and ended up in his house

All his efforts to fuvk her proved so hard until one night when the unexpected happened

  From that day, his lifestyle changed and guess what?? 

  She was his addiction 

Ready for the story?  

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