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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗


       EPISODE      8⃣


I yawned loudly hopping out of my bed and heading straight for my bathroom
    I came into my bathroom and went for my brush straight
   I brushed my teeth after applying tooth paste on it

   I rinsed my mouth before cleaning it and coming out of the bathroom 

   A message popped into my phone 
  I rushed to it

It was a text message from my global network

I hissed

I made a very huge mistake, I didn't give my contact to Mia so I will be in touch with her in case she gets the job for me.

I sighed raking my hair and slumped back into my bed when I felt my mom's presence in my room

   "Aren't you going to work today? "She asked me after staring at me for a while 

     I hissed and tossed on by bed as I used my pillow to cover my face

    "I'm talking to you"she said again
    "Mom"I grumbled flinging my legs in the air making my face at her

   She scoffed as she sat on my bed
    "Angel, what's wrong? "She asked me and I pouted my lips

I didn't want to tell her that I lost my job and I looks like I'm going to tell her now 

   "Mom! I lost it"I said slowly and she grinned 
  "Lost what? "

"My job"I said and she cupped her mouth before exclaiming 

   "What!! "Almost shutting my ears

    I know this would happen.

"How? Why?? "She asked smacking my shoulder 

 "Ouch! Mom! It wasn't my fault! It wasn't "

"Then whose fault is it? Huh! You're so lazy and un dedicated"

  "Un dedicated! Mom!another big grammar! Huh
   I'm disloyal and... and... Dishonest and here you saying am Un dedicated too! "
I fumed

    "Yes ofcourse! If not why did you lose the job huh! 
  You're so lazy all the time"

  Mom is always like this, saying things when they are not needed
  I bit my lower lips glaring at her angrily 

   "Mother, I need to be alone "I said calmly 
  "Alone?? Your dad needs a new medicine! Angel! Your dad needs a new medicine!! And here you're! Not with a job huh!! "

She ranted and for a moment, I thought am hating this woman 


  "Good morning "she muttered to me still on the bed while I was busy dressing up to leave her house 

    I ignored her and sat down on the bed wearing my shoes
  "Pete, you need a maid right? "She said all of a sudden and I nodded without words as I still concentrated on my shoelaces 
   I felt her hands rubbing the  back of my neck

     "I think I got you one but am not sure I will see her again "

"Then you shouldn't be telling me"I snapped 

   "Well you might like her just that she's too big for a maid job"

   I scoffed 

  "So?? "

"She's my dedicated fan"


"I will contact her somehow and I want you to help her "
She pressed further

    "So?? "

"Please Pete, she's only gonna be your maid, don't do anything funny  with her"

    "I haven't even seen her "I argued and she kissed me 
   "I know you Pete, you love s3x"

My brow perked up at that 

    "Okay, if you see this your mystery girl 
  I will help her only on a condition  "

   "Which is? "

"One more s3x"I said gesticulating with my hand and she smirked lying down properly on the bed and parting her legs wide for me

   "Come then "



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