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His addictionπŸ†until he met herπŸ€—


         EPISODE  7⃣


I pulled off her clothes slowly pausing at intervals so I could kiss her briefly to keep her still in the mood

   She raised her two hands up in the air as the gown came through her

I gasped staring at her big bΓΈΓΈbs, I touched them softly and then smacked them

  She gave a little moan 

She's so full in here, I thought staring at those two pointy nipples which was pinkish and stood out 

   I took my eyes to her panties and wondered what might be in there? 
   I grinned at that thought and my divk rose harder in my trousers.

My anticipation for what might be in her panties made me slid her pants down to see a well scraped pu$$y staring at me

  I wowed 

  I got more harder 

   She stepped closer helped me pull of my trouser not without hurting my erected divk 

But I didn't care

  I was gonna hurt her back when I fuvk her later
  So I didn't care a little

   She gasped when she saw my divk 
   "It is as people say, you have such a big man in here"she said and I smiled

   "You like what you see? "I asked her and she nodded as she knelt down and fixed in my divk into her mouth

  She started sucking and damn! 
  I was in the clouds

I held onto her back hair enjoying every bit of the treatment she was giving me



  What is she doing to my divk huh!! 

   Oh my dear! 

I started rubbing her head just like she got me
   "Dear Mia, you're... Ahhh.. You're so good... Shush.... At this "I stuttered amidst pleasures 

  She pulled my divk out of her lips and then started stroking my divk head.

I groaned deeply before I told her to stop
  She did stop sucking me smacking her lips playfully

    Oh dear! She's so good at this! 

   She smiled at me finding her self useful enough for my divk

   She pushed me down on the bed and lay on top of me
  I pushed her away from me making her surprised until I said

   "Pleasure yourself "I said and she smiled as she started twerking infront of me running her hands\fingers around her whole body and squeezing her bΓΈΓΈbs 

  She bit her lower lips and winking at me as she slid her hands into her pu$$y finger fucking herself right infront of me


   I need no one to tell me that I wanted to fuvk her right now
  I pulled her into myself 

   I made her lay flat on the bed with her a$$ facing me
   I lay down on her back and started with kissing her warm smooth neck

   I wasn't eager to rush it because I won't be having another fun this night apart from this one.... 


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