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His addiction🍆until he met her🤗


            EPISODE       6⃣


Here comes the real man

   I heard from every girl's lips as they rushed to me
  Those with big bums shook it terribly at me

  The girl clustered around me rubbing my whole body
  Some even find their way into my trousers and squeezed my divk real hard

   I grinned badly

  I know this would happen but how many girls will I fuvk before I get to Mia

   I hissed enjoying every romance the girl's were giving me.

"Oh come on Peter can't you screw me
  I want to cry in your arms "

  "Peter look at my big a$$ just for you alone "

"Oh peter I'm getting horny because of you "

   "Peter! Screw me already look at my wet pu$$y"

  "Peter kiss me, just a kiss Pete"

They kept on dragging me from one person to another

My divk was damn hard already, waiting for a fuvk from any of them when Mia came out from nowhere 

Spoiling the whole show 

  She dispersed the girls with her thugs before she could see me
   She sighed and then smiled

  She came into my arms and she gasped when she felt my hardness shooting out and touching her tummy

  She gave a sheepish grin and then pecked my cheeks
   She took up the remote and then announced 
    "Listen up everyone, this is my baby Peter! 
   He's my important guest not because he's the owner of a big company we all know as
   PETER'S COMPANY ENTERPRISE but because he's my man
  So girls clear off! "She announced and the whole girls scowled at her

Her naiveness again... I thought reading the crowd\Audience expression 

   I smirked 

  All I can get from her is her pu$$y and if she's thinking of liking me

  That's her business because there is nothing girls, ladies or women can give a guy or a man except s3x

   So what is she thinking of offering me if not that.

I smirked grabbing her butts playfully and she giggled 

   "Let's go to my room"she whispered and led the way holding my hand and dragging me along with her


 I sighed as I fell on my bed so tired 
    My mom came into my room
  "How was your day and why so late today? "

She asked and I hugged her on her bosom wrapping my hands against her back

    It was kind of comfort to me
    I sighed when I felt her playing with my hair
   "Today was bad I think? Daddy needs new drugs so the doctor said"

    I hissed
It needs money too

  And I don't think I have money again 
  I'm fired

Am only hoping on getting a job from Mia
    "Mom am so tired "I mumbled and she chuckled 

   "You would be tired okay? "She said and I nodded my head still resting my head on her bosom

     "Your dad is getting worse"she said and I hissed

   "That old man should just die mother and stop being a pain in the neck"I grumbled and I felt her smack me on my back 

   "Ouch mom! "
I said letting go off her 

   "Don't say such things "she warned and I hissed

I really meant it

Because of him I was called dishonest worker, disloyal and I was even fired by my boss

Does she know how painful that is and his sickness never leaves him


     "But... "I made to complain it she hushed me

    "No buts woman! Sheesh! And come down for dinner!! "






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