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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗




"Peter am tired! "She moaned into my ears but who cared

 I will make sure she never asks for more after this one
   I raised up her leg in the air before putting my divk into her pu$$y for the fourth

She groaned 

This time in pain and not of pleasure 
  I have been screwing for the last two hours 

  She had cum for about three times and I'm not yet done with her
  She must have a wounded leg before I leave her alone else, no one is going nowhere  

She started screaming at every thrust I gave her

"Peter stop! "
She screamed but I paid deaf ear to her.

I screwed harder even amidst her screams till I cam for the first time

  I pulled out of her with her panting and writhing in pain
  She made to leave the table by the last strength she could muster but I pushed her back

   "I'm not done yet"I said to her as I pulled out the co*ndom and tearing up a new one 

  I fixed it into my divk and then set to work again even though she was struggling this time
   I overpowered her as I pushed my divk into her a$$hole

  She groaned badly

"Ahahahha"her hands gripped the table
  She groaned

"Peter please I'm dying"she mumbled as I danced to and fro into her a$$hole

   How was it my business that she will live or die? 
She wanted my divk and giving it to her

So why is she complaining again
  She shouldn't at all

   I went in deeper and deeper till my phone started ringing
   I used one hand to pick up the call after checking the caller to be the actress 

Maybe she's worried on what is keeping from coming 
   I controlled her a$$ with my other hand and put the phone to my ear

   "Yeah"I said hoarsely

"Why are you not coming yet? "I heard her soft voice say and I smirked and grunting when I hit a particular spot on her and it sent a pleasure down my spine

    "Uhm I'm coming "I said and hung up enjoying my self to the fullest...


I reached the hotel and sighed getting in
   People of high calibre were filled to the brim 

   Even the person that acted *Heart me* one of my favorite movies was there 

   I was so puzzled looking at the actors and actresses which were littered here and there having a good time 

    I bumped into someone and what she was carrying fell to the floor 
  I bent down in a haste and gathered her things which were on the ground

I handed it back to her and apologized 
   "I'm so sorry"I said and she nodded 

  I recognized her face! 

She's Mia
  The same girl am looking for 

  "Mia"I exclaimed and she smirked 
   "Yes that's me? "

"I'm a very great fan of yours "I muttered and she gave a short laugh

"You want my autograph? "She asked  me and I shook slightly 

  "No, I need a job "I said before I could control it
   "A job?where?? What kind? I love helping out my fans you know"she said shrugging and urging me to speak 

   "Being a waitress in your company or something "I said emphatically and she smirked flinging her hair 

   "Well the job isn't vacant anymore "
My face fell immediately I heard her

   "But.. "My face lit up with glitter of hope at the word *but*

   "I will see what I can do okay? "She said looking me up and down and I smiled 

   "Thanks I really appreciate "I said and she nodded her head slightly 

   "With all pleasures but how many of my movies  have you watched? "She asked all of a sudden and I gulped hard

I'm not really a fan of her movies because she's too naive and forward when acting

   "I can't count "I lied soothingly and she beamed happily patting my shoulder  

   "You're really my fan, I will see what I can do
But now I have someone to look for okay? "

I nodded sighing heavily 

At least another job is on the way... 




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