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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗

Eroticals 💦💦



  After having a good fucking time with Elena
   I dressed up and left to go meet the actress who came to see me

   She was seated in my receptionist room waiting for me when I met her though she hadn't seen me yet until I made advancing towards her, that was when she turned to my direction 

She beamed immediately standing up for a warm embrace
   "Hey Peter! "She cooed as I pecked her both cheeks
   She smells nice in this perfume she's wearing 

     "You look gorgeous Mia"I complimented and she smiled shyly
   "You don't look bad either"

   "So?? Why did you come? "I asked and she smiled again stroking my tie

    "I missed you already even when the event haven't started "she said giggling and I smirked

  She's pulling me up to do what I don't feel like doing now 
   "You missed me?hmm that's cool"

"Yes that's because I like you alot"she said and I smirked again

    "Thanks then "
I muttered and she started going away 

  "Are you leaving already? "I asked seeing her waving her palm at me
   "Yes I just came to check on you, see you in the evening"she said waving and I waved back putting up a smile at her.

Well she just gave me a reason that I will have night today
  That thought alone almost made me high 


I dragged myself out of his room

I'm so done and embarrassed at the same time 
  What do I do now? 

How will I feed my parents? Huh! And he even called me names


    Tears gathered around my eyes, the eyes which the workers gave me one after another as I walked past them was so irritating 

     I felt so ashamed, it was a wrong idea stealing from the company's purse

   I didn't know they will find out so soon
  What do I do now? 

I won't be able to get any decent jobs around 

   I sighed coming out of the building and headed for the highway where I will board a taxi

    Life is so unfair on some people
   I didn't walk up to two steps when I found a big flier displaying Mia 

  It was an advertisement concerning her new hotel or something

  Maybe I could try out there, maybe I can work there or something 

    I had hope afterall

Maybe there is hope

I dialed Bryan's number so as to inform him that I wasn't going out with him anymore today but he didn't pick up his phone 

I wonder what he's doing right now that he can't even pick up my calls

  I heaved and took my phone back into my handbag and then flagged down a taxi....


Done with all my schedules for the day 
    I sighed stretching myself on my chair

   Elena came in smiling

  "Hey you! "She giggled sitting down on my table 

   It seems I will have a good evening with her before leaving for Mia's party tho

    I smirked staring at her exposed laps
  She's such a s3x maniac, she doesn't get tired at all

  Neither will I until I injure her one of these days, she will never stop begging for more 


    "My schedules?? Done right? "I asked her and she winked

   "Of course just one last thing... "She trailed off as she shifted herself closer to me and then whispered"my Pu$$y only"she chuckled 

   Well I guessed right 

She needed this before she retires for today 
   "Undress me then"I said and she didn't waste time unbuttoning my clothes, belt and my trouser soon came off 

    It was gonna be a long evening ahead because I won't rest till I disfigure her leg 



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