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His addiction🍆 until he met her🤗

Eroticals 💦💦



  What did he just say? A break up!! 
  No he doesn't mean that, I followed him upstairs immediately to find out his grievances against me

To find out what I had done wrong to him without knowing
  He paused in his steps when he was in his room and I was standing behind him

  He turned to face me with an angry expression on his face 
   "What! Its a break up Mia"he repeated rather fiercely than the first time he said it 

   "Why? "I asked soberly and he perked his brow at me
   "I don't want you anymore "

He said boldly and a tinge of pain came into my heart

   "What did I do? "

"That I hate you now "he snapped at me and I managed a smirk
  Is he fed up with me like he was described to be with other girls too

   I feared that when I started dating him but I will never forgive him if he tries that shit with me

   "I don't like you again Mia so let me be "

  "Did you think about what my fans will say about me and you? "I asked him coldly

   He shrugged
  "Well, they will say we broke up that's all"

"Just like that! "I half yelled at him, i hadn't checked my voice which was rising at each thought that he was going to dump me now 

     "What else? "He asked with his face not even betraying any atom of emotion

  He's heartless and unfeeling, I said to myself burning with hate for him 
   Is that how I got dumped all of a sudden? 

   "Our relationship is barely two months old"I reminded and he scoffed leaving his room for me

  I gasped with my self swelling up ready to cry...


I hissed walking out of the room, what's so hard in break ups? I wonder what's so hurting about the whole thing? 

  I thought when my steward ran to me
     "Sir... Your dinner is ready"

"And that maid? "I asked after her and he shrugged slightly 

  "She just left "

My eyes widened
    "What! Just left?? Why? I didn't ask her to go 
   You didn't show her to a room that she will be staying? "I asked deeply concerned about her

   He was confused staring at me when I realized that it was of no use asking him

  "Just go"I waved my hand at him to leave
   He bowed and left

  I hissed, I was planning on how to sleep with her and she's leaving!! 

   Jeez! Sh*t!! 



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