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His addiction🍆 until he met her🤗

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I was preparing dinner for the house when I felt a sudden tap on my ribs and then a tickle spread around my spine

So I jerked turning to the person who did it 
   I was shocked to find out that the person who did it was Mr. Peter

   "Sir... "I called carefully and he winked at me making me more confused and shocked at the same time

Then I remembered what my friends said about him
  A sex freak! 

   I realized that too late else I won't have worked here with him no matter the pay he was going to give me

     I grew nervous all of a sudden and stepped back a little
     "The food is still cooking "I said flatly

  He ignored what I said and held my two hands together 
   "You're beautiful! "

    I gulped hard. removing my hands from his
  What's he upto? 

  "I like you"he said touching the back of my neck and my nervousness grew the more 

   I wanted to get away from his hold
  What does he think he's doing?, he wants to sleep with me? Why?? 

    Avoiding him will be the case now 
  After today, I don't think I will ever work here again

 Thanks, I was planning on leaving tonight to eat my favorite food which my mom was preparing for me

    His eyes were filled with lust for me, I noticed 

  I didn't know when I started shivering badly
   He lowered himself to kiss me and only one thing saved me

A familiar voice calling from the sitting room did
  It was Mia calling

   I thought it saved me because instead of him jerking on hearing her

He scoffed resuming his moves to kiss me

Why can't I just push him away too?

He was almost 2metres away to my lips when I suddenly pushed him away slightly 

     "Uhm... Mr. Peter"I called coldly maybe to get him back to his senses 

     He stared at my face and then shook his head going out of the kitchen

  I breathed hard after he had left, what did he want to do just now? 
   He wanted to kiss me? 

He wanted to!! 


Why couldn't I control myself infront of her? 
  I saw her back sides as I entered the kitchen and then I began to lose my mind again 


I will never rest until she was on my bed
  "Peter! Where were you? I had been looking for you! "Mia complained and the mere sight of her irritated me

   "Mia! Let's break up
I don't like you anymore"I announced and left her immediately.... 



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