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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗

Eroticals 💦💦



He shifted for me to get in, I bowed slightly and came into his huge house


He's so rich... I thought with awe staring at the interior part of his living room

    "The kitchen is over there"he said going back to his dining room
  Is that how he behaves? Can't even show me to my room but first to the kitchen


    "Uhm my room? "I asked 

He looked up to my face and shifted his gaze almost immediately 
   "Well.. My steward will be back soon and will show you around but you can go get food from the kitchen"

    Oh.. Maybe that's what he meant.

Soon, the steward camae around

  "Sir, "he began "ahm.. "

"Its okay, show her around "he interrupted the steward gesturing to me

  The steward turned to me and led the way as I followed him from behind


I hardly withheld myself from jumping on her
   My divk was harder than I ever knew
  Seeing her staring at me just made everything worse
  I breathed hard and left the the dining table in a hurry

  I need to get this hard divk off now and I know the right place to go to now to warm myself up.

Soon, I was on the highway heading to Anita's place
   She had been asking me out and I had been turning her down because she's not my type of girls

But now, I think I need her 

    I stopped infront of her house and then dialed her number
  "Hey"I cooed as she picked up

"Peter? You called me today? "She sounded excited

   "Yeah... I'm infront of your gate"I said and hung up immediately 

Seconds later, I saw her running to the direction where my car was packed

  I cleared my throat coming out of the car
   She was more than surprised to see me standing infront of her

    "Is this really you peter? "She asked hugging me
  Oh dear! I moaned as her lower stomach touched my hard divk

    Maybe she felt it too because her gaze went down to my area
     "Oh my gosh! Peter"she exclaimed 

I smirked 

   "I missed you"I said to her even though I never meant it

She beamed drawing me into her room
    She began to undress like I was doing

    I had hardly undressed when I grabbed her lips.

I kissed her so roughly that I felt her legs grow weak that I pushed her to the wall to enable her stand well

   She broke off from the kiss to catch her breath, she breathed hard and then we resumed kissing again

      I brought my hands to her naked br**st and squeezed her left one
  She squeezed her face and groaned at my rough touch

   I carried her up so that her legs wound around my waist with her hands on my hair
  "Ahhh... "

She moaned the moment she felt my two fingers widening her little pu$$y which I think was hardly touched.... 


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