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His addiction 🍆until he met her🤗


   EPISODE      1⃣


   I guided her carefully to sit down on top of my hard divk

  She sat down slowly till my divk penetrated into her and I grunted holding her by her waist

    She moaned closing her eyes and holding me on my chest
  I started raising her bit by bit so I could fuvk in that position 



   I pushed in harder into her 


  What the fuvk 

  The feeling is so much, I thrusted in harder 
   I increased my pace as she kept dancing ontop of me

   Minutes later, she came and climb down from me
   I sat her a$$ up in a doggy position and smacked her buttocks twice making her groan 

    I slapped her a$$ again for the third time before I fixed my divk into her a$$ 


  She's got a nice a$$

   I pushed in and out counting my pace till it started getting tense
   "Oh Peter! Its painful"

And who cares? 

We wanted it so what? 

    I thrusted in deeper and deeper changing my pace at intervals 

S3x is so good

   I rubbed her a$$ at intervals and slapped them 
   She has such a smooth a$$


   I felt my cum coming so I pulled out of her and fixed my divk into her mouth so she would suvk it up.


   I felt my cum coming so I pulled out of her and fixed my divk into her mouth so she would suvk it up 

   Wow feels so good

  She smacked her lips and fell back to my bed 

   I did same thing as I drifted into a long sleep
   I shook off the mucus covering my eyes and sat up 
  The sun was high up and spreading out through those curtains of mine

   I stretched my self yawning and that instant my divk rose high
   He needs feeding and I understand 

   I turned to the wh*re lying beside me which I think I had all night long and tapped her twice to wake up

 Her eyes fluttered open and I grabbed her into my arms wishing to have a nice fuvk with her again

   "No not again Peter, am... "Who wanna hear that rubbish she's saying 

    I slid my finger into her pu$$y and started riding her with only my finger

"Oh Peter please, I am tired... "

Who cared? She's a wh*re and she's meant to satisfy me huh? 



I didn't wait for any s3x process at all
   I just pushed in my hard divk into her pu$$y and started screwing her

Oh my gosh! 

I'm going crazy already
  I rode faster and faster till I started hearing her screaming 

I am still having a hard on so she should just wait till I cum

Else there is no way I'm leaving her until I'm fully satisfied myself

   I pulled out of her pu$$y and sticked it into her a$$hole
  Oh motherfuvker! 

She's so hot and making me go mad with pleasure 
   I pin her hands down on the bed when she began to struggle to free herself from me 

   I danced ontop of her till orgasm slapped on me
  I sighed throwing a glance at her, she was unconscious..... 


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