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Season 13


(Young Master Huo’s Big Wedding (7)

“You’ve had your chance… The truth is, Xiuping, I care about my relatives. You might think I’m indifferent towards you because I looked down on you. You might even think I hate poor people now that I’m rich, but that’s not the case… My attitude towards you depends on your attitude towards members of my family… During your time at my mom’s, I have been well aware of your feelings towards Qin Chu…”

“Cousin Mian, I don’t…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself, I know. All I want to say is… sometimes you have to know your place, don’t always yearn for things and people that aren’t yours or else you’re going to lead a tiring life… If you really treated me like your family, I wouldn’t have to treat you so heartlessly. You should think about what you did that resulted in today’s events. I’ll give you three days. During this time, I want to see my mom find her jewelry and you disappear from this home.”

Then, Huo Mian pressed the remote control and opened the car door, while Yang Xiuping turned around and got off…

It seemed like no matter what she said or how much she sucked up to Huo Mian, the latter wasn’t going to change her mind and give her another chance.

Yang Xiuping quietly clenched her teeth and unwillingly went back into the house.

As she walked in, she saw Qin Chu coming downstairs from Zhixin’s room.

When she walked past him, Yang Xiuping looked up at Qin Chu with infatuation, examining his face, which was perfect from every angle.

Why wasn’t this outstanding man hers?

Qin Chu, however, didn’t even look at Yang Xiuping as he walked out, completely ignoring her presence.

– Inside the car –

Qin Chu got onto the driver’s seat while Huo Mian went up to the passenger’s seat.

“You got all of Zhixin’s stuff?”

“Yeah, what about you? Did you tell her everything you wanted to?” Qin Chu tilted his head and looked at Huo Mian, who replied, “Yeah, I did. She doesn’t really want to leave though.”

“You can’t keep someone like her here, she’ll only cause more trouble in the future,” Qin Chu said.

“Even if she left, she’s probably not going to go home… I don’t think she’s going to leave C City. She’s gotten used to living in luxury, she won’t be able to go back to the countryside…” Huo Mian guessed.

“That’s not something we should worry about. Rather than being content with what she had, she decided to steal… which means she’s not a good person to begin with. Even if she says she’ll change, it doesn’t mean she’s actually going to… Either way, we should stay away from her.”

“You’re right.” Huo Mian nodded.

Time always passed by fast towards Chinese New Year…

A week came and left and on Sunday, Huo Siqian’s wedding became the biggest news of C City.

Many media outlets live streamed it and countless guests attended.

– Inside the hotel –

Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s outfits matched, as she wore a black cocktail dress while he was dressed in a black suit.

Reporters swarmed up to them and began taking photos as soon as they walked in.

After entering the banquet hall, Huo Mian heard someone call out her name and turned around to see Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao walk up to them.

“Hey, our big-bellied girl is out of seclusion…” Huo Mian laughed, while Jiang Xiaowei immediately objected, “Come on… my belly isn’t that big, okay?”

The girls happily chatted nonstop as Qin Chu and Wei Liao exchanged brief conversations here and there.

They then sat down and waited for the ceremony to begin.

How should Huo Mian put this? Although the wedding was incredibly luxurious, it also felt like there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Everything went according to routine; Huo Siqian spent a lot of money, but it was obvious he didn’t put his heart into it.

Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao’s wedding on January 1st was much better in comparison…

Song Yishi was wearing a white fishtail wedding dress. She had on delicate makeup on and smiled elegantly.

That was who she was – even though she was marrying someone she didn’t like, she was still capable of putting on a show.

“Mian, do you know what I admire about B*tch Song?” Jiang Xiaowei asked as she enjoyed the scene in front of her.



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