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Season 13


( Young Master Huo’s Big Wedding (5)

“My mom’s jewelry has been at home this entire time. You’re the only other person living here, so who else can it be?”

“Cousin Mian… you can’t wrongfully accuse me like that. I already asked Auntie to search my room to prove my innocence,” Yang Xiuping insisted.

“What’s the point? My mom hasn’t opened her jewelry box in two weeks, she doesn’t even know when she lost them. You would’ve sold them a long time ago, so of course, you could prove your innocence…”

“Cousin Mian, do city dwellers all make false charges against others without proof? I may be poor, but you can’t set me up like that… Theft isn’t a small charge…”

“You’re right, theft isn’t a small charge, but you still did it. You must be brave.”

“Cousin Mian… I told you, you don’t have proof that I stole Auntie’s jewelry, so you can’t wrongly accuse me.” Yang Xiuping was certain Huo Mian didn’t have proof of her crimes.

Huo Mian smiled helplessly as she lifted Yang Xiuping’s hand up and glanced at her diamond ring. “How much… did you say this ring was?”

“F… five yuan.” Feeling a little guilty, Yang Xiuping lowered her voice.

“Five yuan… mhm, it’s pretty, can you give it to me?” Then, Huo Mian took the ring right off Yang Xiuping’s finger, who panicked and rudely snatched it back.

Then, she held it tight in her hand…

“What are you being so nervous about? It’s just five yuan, why can’t you just give it to me?” Huo Mian sneered.

Yang Xiuping was afraid to look into Huo Mian’s eye as she continued defending herself, “Cousin Mian, you’re so rich, I’m sure you don’t care about tiny trinkets like this ring… Plus, it’s a fake, it’ll degrade you if you wear it… so it’s better if I keep it instead.”

It was obvious that her lie was about to be exposed…

“Xiuping, have you ever heard of my husband’s company, GK? It’s a big company.”

“I have.” Yang Xiuping didn’t understand why Huo Mian would ask such an irrelevant question.

“GK has a jewelry department, and about 90% of the city’s jewelry stores are under GK… so you probably bought this ring at one of GK’s stores, and from the size of this diamond, I can guess that your ring probably cost about 20,000 yuan. If you traded in my mother’s jewelry for this ring, you wouldn’t have had to pay an extra cent.”

“Mian, I don’t understand what you mean… what does ‘trade in’ mean?” Yang Xiuping stuck to her guns.

“Don’t worry, I remember every single piece of jewelry in my mom’s box. You brought so many pieces of jewelry to trade-in for a ring, I’m sure any store clerk would remember you. We may not have surveillance cameras inside the house, but all the jewelry stores do… As soon as I ask my husband to bring up the footage, we’ll know which store you took my mom’s jewelry to…”

Xiuping was immediately dumbfounded by what Huo Mian said…

She thought her plan was foolproof, but to her surprise, the jewelry store she went to was one of GK’s.

Huo Mian would know it was her as soon as she watched the surveillance. Then, her seemingly well-concealed tactics would be immediately exposed…

“Cousin Mian…” Yang Xiuping’s head was in a mess and she didn’t know what to say.

“Theft of 20,000 yuan or over is considered a large amount. The judge can sentence you to 5 to 10 years of prison,” Huo Mian played with her fingers as she muttered to herself nonchalantly, while Yang Xiuping’s face turned pale, bit by bit.

By the time Huo Mian finished her sentence, Yang Xiuping fell down to her knees in the car…


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