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Season 13


( A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession (9)

In the photo, Huo Mian’s hair fell down to her shoulders, curving inwards at the bottom. Her hairstyle looked like that of the female lead in a popular web series, With You. She had this haircut in high school, and once Qin Chu randomly mentioned that he liked her hair like that, so she decided to go back to this cutesy-tootsie haircut, just for her hubby.

Weirdly enough, Huo Mian, who was now 24 years old, still looked natural in the haircut she used to have seven years ago.

Time barely left any traces on her face…

Whether it was seven years ago or seven years later, Huo Mian still looked calm and collected.

She emitted a mature and magnanimous aura that people her age didn’t have.

Today, Huo Mian was wearing a simple shirt with spider lilies embroidered onto the collar.

The lilies were black, perfectly complementing her white shirt.

Both her face and clothes looked clean and delicate; Huo Mian was like a breath of fresh air on a warm spring day…

Su Yu stared at her photo, feeling an inexplicable peacefulness spread all over his body.

The saying, ‘one man’s honey is another man’s poison’ described Su Yu perfectly.

To Qin Chu, Huo Mian was his honey. He treasured all the memories they had together and couldn’t wait to create more for the future.

However, to Su Yu, Huo Mian’s high school years, the ones he failed to participate in, felt like a jar of poison.

He felt so much pain every time he saw her standing next to Qin Chu, smiling idiotically out of happiness…

“Young Master… the commander needs you for the meeting.”

“Okay,” Su Yu said as he carefully put away his cellphone and headed back to base.

Here, with his grandpa, he wasn’t the beer and skittles Young Master Su he was in C City. Rather, he wore a military uniform, trained and attended meetings, day in and day out. He woke up and went to bed early, doing everything a normal soldier would. His life felt complete.

He didn’t dare slow down because as soon as he did, his thoughts would run wild.

As soon as his thoughts ran wild, he would think of that woman named Huo Mian.

As soon as Huo Mian crossed his mind, his heart would begin to ache…

It literally felt like an unbreakable vicious cycle.

– Military Base –

Grandpa Su was meeting with a few subordinates when Su Yu walked in. The others smiled. “Yu’s grown up quite a bit, it’s time for him to get married.”

“Uncle Zhang, don’t make fun of me, I’m still young.” Su Yu smiled, but that man replied immediately, “You’re not young, when the commander was your age, your dad was already five years old!”

Su Yu felt speechless…

“Yu, come here, your uncles went through great lengths for you. They picked out a bunch of female army medics for you. Come here and take a look, they’re all doctors. You like doctors, right?”

In Grandpa Su’s hands were no less than 20 photos of young women in military uniforms, each one prettier than the last.

“No thanks, Grandpa.”

“Why not?”

“Grandpa, I came down south with you this time around to experience life, not to get a wife… Plus, if I wanted to date, there are so many women back home, I didn’t have to come all the way down here…”

“Tsk tsk… listen to my grandson… he’s so good at bickering and false reasoning with me.” Grandpa Su pointed at Su Yu helplessly.

“Yu, don’t make your grandpa’s life too hard, he’s an old man…” Grandpa Su’s subordinates tried to persuade Su Yu.

Su Yu glanced over at them, and then back at his grandpa.

Pointing to his chest, Su Yu said unyieldingly, enunciating each word, “I’m not purposely trying to make your life hard, Grandpa. So please don’t do the same to me. I’m old enough to make my own decisions. If you want, I can devote my entire life to the military. I’m even willing to die for our country… but please stop forcing women onto me, I only have one heart… I’d like to make my own choices when it comes to relationships.”

Grandpa Su felt tears circling in his eyes… Then, he placed the photos down and sighed, “Forget it, you little brat. I can’t boss you around anymore. Do whatever you want, but remember that I’ll always be a proud grandpa…”

At a restaurant in C City, the 3 couples were enjoying dinner when Zhu Lingling suddenly suggested, “Let’s play an IQ-testing game, what do you guys think?”

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