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Season 13


(I Envy You, Very Much (7)

Huo Mian turned all her attention onto the television…

Qin Chu, on the other hand, wasn’t interested, so he kept driving with his eyes facing the front.

Song Yishi was wearing a white mink jacket, paired with a short black dress and thigh-high boots.

Countless reporters were at the press conference, taking photos like crazy… It was a spectacle indeed.

Song Yishi had a fake smile on her face as she looked at everyone present

“Okay, Miss Song is ready for questions now. Ask her one at a time, and remember to maintain order,” an assistant Song Yishi hired said to the reporters present.

Then, everyone swarmed up to her…

“Miss Song Yishi, are the photos real?”

“They are.” Song Yishi nodded.

“Then what’s your relationship with President Huo Siqian of the Huo Corporation?”

She bit down on her lips and continued smiling, “We used to be friends, and later he told me that he liked me. After courting me for a while, we began dating.”

Upon finishing this sentence, the crowd turned wild; no one thought she would admit to their relationship so easily.

“So you and President Huo are dating?”


“Rumor has it that you had an unspeakable relationship with President Qin of GK, what do you have to say about that?”

Huo Mian was unhappy to hear one of the reporters bringing Qin Chu into his interrogation of Song Yishi. “Damn it, my hubby got hit by collateral damage.”

Qin Chu, on the other hand, smiled. He lifted his right hand and lovingly pinched Huo Mian’s left cheek.

“President Qin and I… have always been friends, no more than that. Please don’t misunderstand us, nothing is going on. Plus, Mrs. Qin and I are friends, so rumors are no more than rumors.”

Huo Mian sneered. “This woman’s face doesn’t even change when she lies, she sure is experienced.”

“Miss Song, people have been saying that the racing video, which was quite popular a few days ago was of you, Miss Song Yixuan, and Mrs. Qin. Some netizens said that they recognized your cars?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about. What about racing and Yixuan?” Song Yishi played dumb, and the reporter continued asking, “But the video…”

Before he could finish, however, Song Yishi’s assistant interrupted him, “I’m sorry, friends of the media. Miss Song’s press conference today is about Mr. Huo and Miss Song’s relationship, please do not ask irrelevant questions. Thank you.”

“Miss Song, what does the mayor think of your choice of boyfriend?”

“I live in a democratic household and my parents both respect my decisions. They like whoever I choose.”

After she said this, people below began clapping in an attempt to flatter Song Yishi.

“She sure is good at acting… it’s a shame she doesn’t work in the entertainment industry, or she would’ve won a couple of best actress awards with her acting skills,” Huo Mian exclaimed…

“Those who win awards not only have to be good at acting, they also have to be morally upright. She’s not good enough, don’t tarnish best actress awards like that,” Qin Chu interjected.

Huo Mian put her arm on Qin Chu’s shoulder and asked as she snuggled up to him, “Honey, Song Yishi was yelling at me about this just this morning. I thought she despised Huo Siqian, why would she suddenly hold a press conference and admit to their relationship? It’s really weird…”

“Perhaps she doesn’t know how to clean up her mess anymore. Or, Huo Siqian might have more information on her that she doesn’t want to be revealed.” Qin Chu, as smart as he was, immediately understood what was going on.

“You have a point. You’re so good at analyzing, Honey, you’re so smart!” Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu with utmost admiration…

“If I wasn’t smart, how could I have tricked you into marrying me?” Qin Chu laughed.

“Haha, you finally admitted that you tricked me into marrying you! You owe me a dowry, you didn’t give me anything when we got married…”

“That’s easy, but can I make some complaints about you?” Qin Chu tilted his head and looked at Huo Mian in all seriousness.

“What?” Confused, she looked at Qin Chu, wondering what kind of complaints Mr. Qin had against her.


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