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Season 13


(A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession (1)

“Young Master Huo is asking for your name…”

“My name is… Wang Shasha.” That girl didn’t think she would become the center of attention.

“Wang Shasha… what a lame name.” Huo Siqian was speechless.

Why was he interested in her? Because she kind of looked like Huo Mian, just a little bit.

Her facial features didn’t, but they were strikingly similar when she looked down onto the ground, and that was why Huo Siqian’s attention was immediately drawn to her, even though there were countless women present.

“Come… sit over there.” Huo Siqian patted the seat beside him.

Wang Shasha was in a daze, while some other models pushed her forward as they were filled with jealousy and hate. “Shasha, Young Master Huo is calling you over. Go on!”

“Young Master Huo, she’s new and is a little slow. Please don’t get mad if she doesn’t meet your expectations.”

Huo Siqian didn’t say anything as he put his arm intimately around Wang Shasha’s shoulders.

He asked, “Do you drink?”

“J-just a little,” the woman replied shyly.

“Here, drink this.” Huo Siqian handed her a glass of wine.

Wang Shasha frowned, clenched her teeth and downed the entire glass, while the women around them began clapping furiously…

Then, Huo Siqian took out a giant stack of cash from his wallet and placed it casually on the table. “Thanks, girls.”

Then, the beautiful women immediately began snatching the money…

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, gestured at Wang Shasha. “Come with me.”

“Um…” She looked a little flabbergasted.

“Are you an idiot? Young Master Huo wants you to go with him, what are you waiting for?”

A few women then pushed her up to Huo Siqian, and she carefully followed behind him, all the way to his Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Then, he drove them to his private residence, a deluxe, two-floor, 200-square-meter condo.

After showering, Wang Shasha walked nervously into the bedroom…

Should she consider herself lucky, being picked by a rich and powerful man like Huo Siqian as soon as she started working at the nightclub?

She didn’t know much about Young Master Huo and had no idea what made him happy and sad.

Just when she got into bed and prepared herself for anything and everything Huo Siqian was about to do to her, he gently hugged her from behind and whispered into her ear, “Let’s go to bed, Mian.”

“Mian? Who’s Mian?” Wang Shasha asked silently in her head but didn’t dare say anything out loud. Just like that, she spent the night in his arms, treading on eggs the entire time.

Surprisingly enough, nothing happened that night.

– The next morning –

When Wang Shasha woke up, Huo Siqian was nowhere to be seen.

As she was getting out of bed, she saw a ten-thousand-yuan check on the bedside table.

Ten thousand yuan wasn’t a lot; most of her coworkers at the nightclub made thirty thousand, fifty thousand, or even a million a night.

But he didn’t even touch her last night; nothing happened between them, literally.

He gave her ten thousand… just like that?

Still in disbelief, Wang Shasha carefully placed the check in her bag and left anxiously.

– South Side Recuperation Center –

There was a seasonal conference at 7 AM and Director Wu was coming, so Huo Mian came to work early. After arriving at her office, she was just about to put on her white lab coat when her door was suddenly pushed open, scaring her out of wits…

“Why are you here so early in the morning?”

Huo Mian looked up to see Huo Siqian dressed in a casual outfit, with a few bento boxes in his hand. She was surprised – didn’t he just get married yesterday? It was 6:30 AM, what was he doing here at South Side?


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