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Season 13


(A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession (8)

Friend: “You’re right, they’re the coolest. They used to be the most prestigious couple in C City. The man’s a billionaire with the entire world underneath his feet, he’s one of the rich people in Asia. This woman is incredibly smart, she’s a medical marvel that the entire world knows about. She’s also the only Chinese woman who has ever won the Nobel Prize of Medicine… At the time, it shocked the entire world. Let me tell you, you can sell that photo for at least a million yuan now.”

Waiter: “Where are they now? Are they still in C City?”

Friend: “Later… a lot of things happened, it’s really hard to explain. But there’s a TV show you can watch, it’s about everything that happened in their lives.”

Waiter: “What TV show?”

Friend: “The Sweet Love of Being Secretly Married.”

Waiter, “What in the world-”

Friend: “It’s based on a really good romance novel called My Youth Began With Him.”

Waiter: “I’ve never heard of it before…”

Friend: “Anyways… Bro, you sure have the foresight and are super lucky to have taken such an awesome photo with the six of them. Every single one of them is at the top of China’s social circle.”

Waiter: “I finally get the meaning of ‘sometimes a chance can come when you least expect it.'”

The six of them always had a great time together.

In the beginning, Wei Liao felt uncomfortable, since he and Su Yu were best friends who had known each other since they were little kids.

Therefore, he always felt like a traitor if he was around Qin Chu, as if he was betraying his buddy. So, whenever they hung out, he seemed down in the dumps.

Later, thanks to the leading psychiatrist, Dr. Jiang’s brainwashing, Wei Liao happily joined the couple’s army and even uploaded photos of them onto his WeChat friend circle from time to time.

Today, he uploaded a photo of the six of them at the roasted lamb restaurant, along with the following caption, “a night out with my wife’s friends.”

As soon as this photo was uploaded, countless people began commenting.

Wei Ying: “Woah, you and my sister-in-law are so cute together! Stop making single people feel bad!”

Tang Chuan: “You’re a traitor, the ultimate traitor. I can’t believe you would run to the enemy camp while our Young Master Su is down south, I look down on you! By the way… is the roast lamb leg any good? Send me the address!”

Wei Liao replied, “F*ck off!”

Then, a few seconds later, Su Yu, who never commented on others’ posts, wrote, “Do you have an HD photo of the third person from the left? I’ll pay you big money for it.”

Upon seeing his comment, Wei Liao almost fell over his chair; it was no surprise that the person Su Yu was talking about was Huo Mian.

But, Wei Liao deliberately teased Su Yu, “Third one from the left? Are you talking about that police officer guy?”

Su Yu: “F*ck off, don’t play dumb with me. He’s the third one from the right, not from the left. You get one last chance, or else I’m flying back tonight and strangling you in your bed!”

Wei Liao: “Haha, please forgive me, Master Su, I’ll send you a photo right now!”

Tang Chuan: “Young Master Wei has no morals, I despise you. By the way, is the roasted lamb leg any good? Seriously, send me your address or a location pin!”

Wei Liao replied, “GTFO.”

Wei Liao was a man of his words; as soon as he finished replying Su Yu he picked up his phone and secretly took a photo of Huo Mian.

However, the photo was a little blurry, so he quickly snapped two more.

“What are you doing?” Jiang Xiaowei moved up to him whispered into his ear.

“Sh*t, Xiaowei, are you trying to scare me to death?”

“I’m asking you what are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing, I wanted to post on my WeChat friend circle so I took a photo,” feeling guilty, Wei Liao immediately put his phone on the table.

On the other side of the table, Huo Mian curiously looked towards them.

Afraid of being found out, Wei Liao quickly looked down, picked up a napkin, and began wiping the corner of Jiang Xiaowei’s mouth.

“Look at you, Xiaowei, there’s oil all over your mouth…”

“Holy, can you not use the napkin you just used to wipe my mouth?”

Wei Liao didn’t know what to say as he looked down in his hand. As expected, he was so nervous that he picked up the wrong napkin…

The good news was, he successfully sent Huo Mian’s photos over to Su Yu…

Su Yu was standing by a beach at the South China Sea, watching the mesmerizing sunset and the rolling waves when he received the photos from Wei Liao.

He looked at the woman in them, his eyes filled with endless tenderness…


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