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Season 13


( I Envy You, Very Much (10)

“Mrs. Qin, no one, aside from me, has the guts to marry you… You’re too vicious and too smart. Plus, you’re too arrogant.”

Even now, Qin Chu remembered seeing Huo Mian being interviewed on the TV for the first time.

Back then, she received perfect scores in her middle school entrance examinations, so many people paid attention to her.

Qin Chu remembered Huo Mian’s arrogant lines as if she said them yesterday…

However, he loved seeing her being showy and ostentatious.

During her three years of high school, Huo Mian often fought with other female classmates – those who were jealous of how good her grades were, those who liked Qin Chu, and those who talked about her behind her back.

Back then, Huo Mian was an extreme extrovert who loved to flaunt; she and Zhu Lingling made an unbeatable team…

Once, Huo Mian’s senior brought along six of her classmates, and they cornered her and Zhu Lingling in a narrow alley beside the school with wooden sticks in their hands.

It was two versus seven, and the bigger group even had weapons.

Everyone thought Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling were bound to lose, but they were more than wrong.

Sure, they were severely injured; Zhu Lingling even dislocated an arm.

However, Huo Mian beat the leader of the opposing group into a pulp.

There were too many people, so they were at an obvious disadvantage. Therefore, Huo Mian grabbed the leader of the group and began beating her to death.

No matter how many sticks hit her body, she still endured that pain, even climbing onto that woman’s body and hitting her with all her might.

Sure, Zhu Lingling and Huo Mian got hurt, but the girl leading the other group almost broke her face; her face was swollen like a cooked dumpling for at least a month…

Since then, that group of girls never picked on Huo Mian again.

They knew she was merciless, and they knew she was the type that would fight them to death.

After this infamous battle, many boys began courting her with love letters, chocolate, and flowers…

Some boys even stuffed presents in her desk and cubby, but she didn’t accept any of her suitors.

One day, however, the class iceberg, the handsome-through-the-roof Qin Chu, bumped into Huo Mian at Ah-Xin’s Ramen.

He put his bag over his shoulder and said, “Hey, let me treat you to a bowl of noodles.”

But before Huo Mian could say anything, he added, “But you have to date me.”

“Ha, how cheap am I to sell myself for a bowl of noodles?” Huo Mian sneered, but Qin Chu replied, “What if I treat you to a lifetime’s worth of noodles?”

“A lifetime’s worth?” Huo Mian was slightly surprised.

High schoolers were often muddleheaded about love and relationships, so back then Huo Mian never thought they would really end up together forever.

“If I have the guts to treat you, do you have the guts to eat them?” Qin Chu asked provocatively.

As young and easily-infuriated as Huo Mian was back then, she was immediately goaded into accepting his challenge. “Then you should probably start saving up money, a lifetime’s worth of noodles is quite a lot.”

Their relationship began with a childish bet…

Back then, Huo Mian had no idea how prestigious Qin Chu’s family was since she was never interested in other classmates’ family backgrounds to begin with.

“What are you thinking about? You look like you are in a trance,” Qin Chu smiled as he asked Huo Mian, who snapped back to her senses. “I was thinking about us back in high school.”

“It’s a little cold, we should head home.” Qin Chu put his arm tightly around Huo Mian’s, cuddling and protecting her from the icy winter chills…

Suddenly, Huo Mian’s phone rang…


“Okay, I got it, we’ll be right there.”

“What happened?” Qin Chu asked.

“Mom said she lost something and asked me to go back.”

“Let’s go then.”

Then, Qin Chu and Huo Mian drove straight to Sky Blessing Court…

As soon as they walked in, they saw Yang Meirong sitting on the living room couch, looking depressed and dejected.

Curious, Huo Mian walked up to her and asked, “Mom… what did you lose?”


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