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Season 13


(A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession (6)

“He… does. He’s ten years older than I am, and his wife died more than two years ago. He also has a six-year-old son who lives with his grandparents. He’s not super rich. He contracts a couple of projects each year and makes just enough for us to live off. I think… it’s good enough.”

Huo Yanyan still vividly remembered how she met him…

Once, she was so drunk at a bar that a bunch of gangsters almost took her.

That man saved her; not only did he get her a hotel room, he also gave her some money.

No one had treated Huo Yanyan with such warmth, especially since her fall from grace.

Therefore, she mistook that feeling for love. Or perhaps he was her life-saving straw out of the Huo Family.

“Good… a simple and peaceful life can be just as sweet,” Huo Mian looked at her and said slowly.

Perhaps it really was for the best…

Or else, with Huo Yanyan’s current status, her life will be filled with contempt and ridicule, even if she ended up marrying rich.

Plus, her husband might not be loyal to her… That was why she might as well marry an ordinary man.

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. I hope I can forget the past and start over,” Huo Yanyan said, enunciating each word.

Huo Mian took her wallet out from her handbag and counted the cash inside it. She didn’t carry a lot with her and only had less than four thousand.

Therefore, she took out three grand and handed it to Huo Yanyan. “Take this.”

“No, I can’t.” Huo Yanyan was unwilling to accept the money, but Huo Mian insisted, “It’s my wedding present. Happy wedding.”

Then, before Huo Yanyan could protest, she stuffed the money in her hands.

Huo Yanyan’s eyes glistened with tears as her expression became complicated.

Never did she think that her parents and her brother wouldn’t be there on her wedding day, the most important day in a woman’s life.

Instead, Huo Mian, her old nemesis, was…

How ironic…

“Huo Mian… thank you for forgiving me. I’m not as magnanimous and generous as you are… That’s why I can’t have what you have. But still, I have to thank you for all that you’ve taught me. To me, our fights weren’t bad experiences, but they’re unforgettable. Normal people will never treat me in such a friendly manner after how I treated you back then. If you were a man, you would be extremely successful in life…”

Huo Mian smiled. “But I’m a woman.”

“That’s why there are so many people who like you and want to protect you.”

Huo Yanyan seemed to remember something as her expression became weird upon saying this.

“Hey, Yanyan, is this a friend of yours?” The groom came out and placed an arm over Huo Yanyan’s shoulders.

He was an ordinary-looking, slightly old and chubby man, wearing a rustic suit.

The good thing was, he seemed nice and didn’t look annoying at all.

“She’s… my friend,” Huo Yanyan introduced Huo Mian, and the groom immediately invited her in, “Welcome, there’s a reception inside! Come in!”

“No it’s fine, my husband is still waiting for me, I have to go. Congratulations.”

After her wedding gift, Huo Mian didn’t want to linger any longer than she had to, so she turned around to leave.

By the time Huo Mian walked back to the restaurant, Qin Chu had gotten out of his car.

“What happened? You look depressed.” Qin Chu could immediately tell that Huo Mian was down in the dumps.

“Huo Yanyan married a man who’s 10 years older than she is. He’s a middle-aged widower who has a six-year-old son. I never thought she would choose a man like him… I feel really bad.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Chu gently pulled Huo Mian into his arms and consoled her, “Silly, she used to be your enemy.”

“She’s also an old friend,” Huo Mian said, choking on her words.

As a woman, she sympathized with Huo Yanyan’s life…

“Hey, who’s this showing PDA on the streets? What an eyesore!” A woman’s voice sounded from behind them in an extremely domineering manner.

Huo Mian’s tears broke into laughter upon hearing such a familiar voice. She turned around and asked, “Why are you two idiots here?”


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