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Season 13


( A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession (4)

“Olive oil? Flour? Who do you think I am, an elementary school teacher?” Huo Mian burst out in laughter…

“What’s so funny?”

“Honey, can you not be so funny? South Side is a high-end recuperation center, you just lowered our status by so many notches!”

“What are they then?”

“Beauty products. They’re not from the hospital, Huo Siqian gave them to me.”

“Huo Siqian?” Qin Chu froze for a second, and Huo Mian nodded. “Yeah, for some reason he came to reconcile the Huo Corporation’s accounts super early this morning… When he saw me, he told me that I had crow’s feet and that he was going to give me some eye masks. Then, at lunch, his assistant came with all this stuff. Maybe he wants me to advertise Huo Corporation’s new products.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Qin Chu didn’t say anything else, nor did he display any hints of jealousy…

Huo Siqian was a complicated man, so Qin Chu would never make assumptions about him unless he had solid proofs. Moreover, he would never pressure Huo Mian emotionally for no reason.

Qin Chu was different from Su Yu; he was more of an introvert who didn’t voice his every single emotion.

Instead of telling the entire world, he used his actions to prove his love for Huo Mian.

That was why Huo Mian felt extremely at peace when she was with Qin Chu. It was as if she was sure that no one in this world loved her more than he did.

She felt safe and secure, as long as they were together…

“Honey, what are we eating tonight?”

“Didn’t you say a while ago that you wanted roasted lamb leg? I made reservations at the restaurant you were talking about.”

“Woah, awesome!” Huo Mian was so happy that she grabbed Qin Chu’s face like a child and planted a big wet smooch on his face.

She even got saliva on his face, but he didn’t wipe it away, even though he was extremely germaphobic…

Only because his wife had just marked him…

If Gao Ran saw what just happened, he would probably slam on Qin Chu for loving his wife too much.

Huo Mian had been wanting to eat roasted lamb leg for a while. She didn’t like lamb meat because it was too gamey.

However, roasted lamb leg was different; after marinating it, the lamb leg was roasted atop fire and didn’t taste gamey at all.

It was a pleasure for all senses…

Last time, she was just about to dig in with Jiang Xiaowei when Su Yu and the others came. To avoid arousing rumors, Huo Mian ran away before she even got a taste.

She had been so busy recently that she forgot that she even wanted lamb leg.

But Qin Chu remembered; he remembered every word she said, even if she only said them subconsciously…

At times like this, Huo Mian felt her heart was as warm as a summer’s day. She knew that the hardships she and Qin Chu suffered through were nothing compared to the happiness they were going to have in the future…

Little did she know that God had more challenges for them to conquer.

Towards the end, Huo Mian even wanted to kill herself, more than once, just to end the agony she felt from being away from Qin Chu…

Of course, this all happens in the future.

Right now, Huo Mian had no idea that disaster was about to strike…

While Qin Chu drove, Huo Mian leaned on him and snuggled in his arm, taking in the unique scent of testosterone that only he emitted…

She placed her right hand in Qin Chu’s and intertwined her fingers with his.

Mr. Qin complained, “Honey, if you keep doing that… I won’t be able to focus on driving.”

“Haha, just pretend I’m not here.”

“I can’t do that while you’re openly seducing me, okay?”

“Why don’t we have car sex during that red light up front?” Huo Mian rarely joked so dirtily, but Qin Chu’s expression dimmed as he responded, “Honey, that red light is only 35 seconds, what can we do in that short amount of time?”

“Don’t you know what you can do within that short amount of time?” Huo Mian asked in all seriousness.

“Are you making fun of me?” Mr. Qin finally realized that he had fallen into his wife’s trap.

“Hahahahaha…” Huo Mian laughed hysterically, but Qin Chu couldn’t do anything about it. He pinched the back of her hand lovingly, “Very well, I’ll remember that and get you back tonight.”

Outside the restaurant, Qin Chu was parking into an empty spot when Huo Mian suddenly saw someone. She said, “Honey, stop the car!”

Then, she immediately ran off…


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