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Season 13


(Young Master Huo’s Big Wedding (10)

As soon as Song Yishi finished her sentence, Huo Siqian whipped his belt at her again; she wanted to run away, but it was too late.

Red marks quickly appeared on her shoulder and leg…

“I never hit women, but you’re an exception…” Huo Siqian said as he whipped her again.

“Ah!” Song Yishi screamed, finally coming back to her senses.

Not many women were beaten by their husbands on their wedding night, but Song Yishi was one of them.

As the mayor’s daughter, she thought she would be able to dominate the Huo Family, so she completely underestimated Huo Siqian…

To her surprise, however, he hit her…

“Huo Siqian, I’m going to tell my dad… how mentally-ill you are. I’m going to sue for divorce!”

“Sure, call him right now.” Huo Siqian threw his phone onto the bed with one hand while holding his belt in the other.

Song Yishi glanced at him suspiciously. Then, she slowly reached for the phone; if she called her dad right now, this agony would end, right?

However, as soon as her hand touched the phone, she heard Huo Siqian’s voice sound from behind her.

“Five months ago, a piece of land was supposed to go on an internal bid, but your dad made the executive decision to allot it to GK, breaking game rules. Then, Qin Chu was generous enough to give your father a set of wooden sculptures made of yellow rosewood from Hainan, which from what I know, is worth at least a hundred million yuan.”

“Four months ago, Morninglight Tech’s CEO illegally manipulated the stock market. He was supposed to be arrested on economic crime charges, but your dad allowed him to receive treatment abroad, and the police missed their chance to arrest him. A week later, three luxury mansions in Italy were bought under your name.”

“Three months ago, the province’s president of the Chamber of Commerce was investigated for corruption… Thanks to your dad, he sailed through inspections, and subsequently, an original piece of art by a Chinese painting master was hung up on your living wall. I heard it’s worth more than 80 million yuan.”

“Two months ago…”

At this point, Song Yishi couldn’t take it anymore and demanded, “Huo Siqian, what are you trying to say?”

“It’s simple. I have dirt on every single person in your family, including your dad, your uncle, you, and even Song Yixuan. If you want things to go sour between your dad and me, then go ahead and call him. Ask him to pick you up. We can even go through legal divorce procedures, but… If you do that, I don’t have to take your family into consideration anymore. I will expose everything your dad has been trying to hide all these years to the public, and see if he can continue being mayor and if you can continue being Miss Song, a woman above the masses.”

“Huo Siqian, you’re lying… you have no proof, you’re just trying to scare me.”

“I don’t care if you believe me. I’ve said everything I need to. You can do whatever you want.” Then, Huo Siqian turned around and put his belt carefully back on his pants, as if everything that had just happened was no more than a joke.

Song Yishi was dumbfounded by how perverted he was; from the bottom of her heart, she was terrified of the devil standing before her.

She picked up the phone, feeling as if she had been pushed into a dead end.

Her father had been a government official for decades, there was no way he was uncorrupted, since she spent at least ten million yuan during her years in Italy, if not more.

A man with a mayor’s income would never be able to afford an amount like that.

Therefore, Huo Siqian’s information really punched the Song Family where it hurt.

In the end, Song Yishi didn’t dare call her dad.

Huo Siqian was too lazy to deal with her, so he drove away in his car, leaving Song Yishi with no tears inside the giant mansion…

She didn’t understand why that psycho, Huo Siqian would target her; why would he set her up when all she tried to do was win Qin Chu over from Huo Mian?

– At a nightclub –

Beautiful women huddled up to Huo Siqian as soon as he arrived.

“Young Master Huo, wasn’t your wedding today? Why are you here? Is your bride not good enough in bed?” A couple of young models walked up to him and began making dirty jokes.

Huo Siqian smiled; just as he was about to reply, he saw someone kind of familiar in the group.

“You… what’s your name?” Huo Siqian pointed at a woman with ordinary looks.


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