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Season 13


( Young Master Huo’s Big Wedding (2)

“Yeah, I was worried too. I even helped Auntie check all around the house, but we couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s strange…” Yang Xiuping said after realizing that she seemed suspicious.

Before Huo Mian even said anything else, Yang Meirong said, “Xiuping is a really honest kid. She saw that I had lost something, so to avert suspicion, she took me to her bedroom and showed me everything, including her purse, bankbook, and wallet. Why would I suspect her? She’s family, so why would she do that?”

Obviously, Yang Meirong chose to believe that her niece was innocent.

After all, Yang Xiuping had shown Yang Meirong her personal belongings to prove her innocence.

Yang Xiuping walked downstairs, sat down on the couch, and gave an apple to Qin Chu. “Brother-in-Law, would you like an apple?.”

“No, thanks.” Qin Chu remained detached.

Then she picked up an orange and gave it to Huo Mian. “Here, Cousin Mian. I bought those for Auntie, they’re really sweet.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Huo Mian didn’t refuse. she peeled the orange and took a bite.

Then Yang Xiuping said, “My aunt lost some things and I’m in an awkward spot, since I’m the only guest at home, and there haven’t been many visitors. So, I’m the biggest suspect. In order to prove my innocence, all I could do was show her my bedroom. I don’t have any more money in my wallet and bank cards than I’m supposed to, so I didn’t sell the jewelry for money. By the way, I still have another bank account that is connected to my phone. I showed Auntie the balance. It’s really embarrassing that the balance of that bank card is only 128 yuan. It’s a shame that I haven’t found a job yet since I came, and Auntie’s been giving me allowance this entire time.”

Huo Mian looked at Yang Xiuping with a surprised look on her face…

“Xiuping, you’ve changed a lot since you came here.”

“Oh really?” Yang Xiuping didn’t really know what Huo Mian meant by that, so she looked a bit uncomfortable.

“Yes, not only did you change your sense of style and the way you talk, but also, you’ve learned new things quickly. You even have mobile banking – it’s such an advanced app. You’re pretty smart.”

“Haha, it’s really nothing. I’m young and eager to learn. I even bought a lot of books to read. They all say people in the city are sophisticated, I want to be a sophisticated person too.”

Huo Mian was surprised by the recent changes in Yang Xiuping.

She looked at Yang Xiumei’s outfit. It didn’t look expensive, just something she bought online, probably worth a couple of hundred yuan.

Her shoes were unknown brands too.

After what she did to clear her name, her actions indeed stopped everyone from suspecting her.

But the jewelry couldn’t have disappeared by themselves. Even if they weren’t stolen by thieves, they were still definitely stolen by someone.

Huo Mian’s mom was aging but it wasn’t like she was senile. She was clearly aware of where she put everything.

So it wasn’t surprising that her mom couldn’t figure it out and asked Huo Mian for help.

Huo Mian smiled at Yang Xiuping. “What you said is right, it’s good to improve yourself. Alright, let’s not talk about all the missing stuff anymore, since it’s not worth that much. I will buy more for you. Mom, both Qin Chu and I want to eat your beef pancakes. Is there any more beef at home?”

“Oh yes, there’s still beef in the fridge. I will go make some.” Yang Meirong immediately stood up and headed into the kitchen.

Life now was relatively comfortable. For Yang Meirong, other than Zhixin, the only other people she cared about were Huo Mian and Qin Chu.

No matter what they said they wanted to eat, Yang Meirong would go make it for them, no matter how much trouble it was.

After sending Yang Meirong off….

Huo Mian purposely asked Qin Chu, “Honey, you bought this place. Did you install surveillance cameras in the hallways? Can you check the recordings and see who else entered my mom’s room other than her?”

Before Qin Chu could reply, Yang Xiuping immediately interjected, “What? Didn’t Auntie say that there are only cameras outside and not inside? After all, everyone needs their privacy, right?”


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